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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5475

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"You say, you care about Edmund, but why did you leave him there with that witch?"

Suddenly I remembered about Maria's existence. She is here. Why? I was ready to pull my hair out by the amount of stress and worries I experienced. The pacing back and forth through the empty room didn't help me to relax.

"Calm down, Thea. He is completely capable of handling her." Victoria made a small smirk. "She will regret her visit."

I sat down on a single chair, which was left in the corner of this lonely room. With sense of defeat I glanced at Victoria and the door behind her.

"How long are you going to keep me here?" I was waiting for her response, while other thoughts of Maria troubled my mind. "Why is she here? It's been a while, since she made herself noticed."

"I am not trying to keep you against your will. If you wish, you are free to go." Victoria opened the door in silence.

She waited and waited for my next move, but I couldn't get the needed courage to face my rival yet. I stared at the blank spot in front of me. I wished there was something to focus on – a small bug, sun rays playing through the window frame or a coin, but all there was, just a bare, boring wooden floor.

"I assume she is here to ruin your day, first of all. Second – to deliver some twisted message from her father. Manipulative as his own daughter. After the 'divorce' he has been a real pain for Edmund. He can't take the rejection from the king."

"What her father has to do with our problems?"

"At the moment, he is the only one who has refused to join and be a part of new Hadria. All because Edmund is not marrying Maria. He w

who stood bravely by the door, it would be too dangerous to go alone and see, what dirty tricks she holds.

"I will need your assistance to escort somebody out of here."

They silently bowed and followed me close by.

The huge hall was deadly silent, almost no one talked. Maybe a couple of whispers broke free from shocked people, like ghostly wind the inaudible words passed my ears. Everything looked surreal, as if time has stopped ticking.

The front, where my and Edmund's throne was standing, a small circle had formed leaving only one person standing in the middle. No body saw me, their curious eyes were focused on the newcomer. I recognized Maria's sun white hair, her dress purest color, almost white. She looked like a bride in some way, but at the same time, her outfit was so much like of any other girl.

All I could see was her form standing between me and Edmund – an obstacle, someone who I should remove from my life, if I wanted my future to hold brighter moments and memories.

"Leave this place right now!" I said calmly, trying to hide my raging emotions.

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