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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5836

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My eyes wanted to stay fixated longer on my husband. What is he doing, what is he saying and what are his intentions? Doubts seeped deeper in my heart making it ache. Despite everything I saw and heard from William, my inner feeling told me it might not be true. I had known Edmund for very long time. It is true, that he hides his feelings and is rather closed off in regards of his deepest thoughts, but he... I believe he wouldn't go so far as cheating.

The previous hunger takes control over my body and I slowly drift closer to the abundantly set table. I try to swallow the hard feeling that constricts me and makes me upset. Instead I focus on colorful fruit platter.

Strawberries, apples, pears and many exotic fruit gorge my eyes. Many of them I have never seen or tasted. I take one piece of everything and without noticing, a pleasant humming of delight escapes my lips.

For another second my eyes dart towards Edmund. The girls are still there, but a new face has appeared. Like a missing peace to my ordeal, Victoria has chosen to show up. Her smug up face has not changed. The curls of her hair cascades down on one of her shoulders seductively, while the barely purple dress expresses her innocent nature, which I hardly doubt is part of her character.

The despiteful feeling returns, slowly eating my happiness away.

Edmund face blooms in a soft smile. He takes hold of Victoria's hand and she places a soft kiss on his cheek, while her other hand traces over the edge of his jaw.

I want to look away, but at the same time see the details - know the whole story. With bitterness I force myself to stay put and wait for events to unfold.

He whispers something into her ear.

The sight of my spouse is concealed by

my stomach from seeing her come up to me. The picture of her kissing Edmund came back to my mind. I didn't know what to do or what to say. Totally confused and unsure I waited for her next move.

"I have been looking for you everywhere. Were you hiding?"


"Don't tell me you still haven't learned how to talk." She expressed her annoyance. "By the way, Edmund can't join us yet. He still has lots of people to greet and such... . I will be keeping an eye for you." Victoria pulled out her fan arrogantly.

"I am not a small girl, who needs a babysitter." I said calmly, not to be visibly rude to anybody.

"I still think you need. Edmund thinks the same." She looked over the ladies beside her, who watched her with questionable gaze. "I see you have found 'friends'. Nice. At least some progress."

In my eyes none of these high born ladies were my friends yet. The Ashton sisters were nice, but that could change and my hopes for companionship would be ruined again. Too early to make such assumptions and for Victoria... . With the present distrust, I think we can never become friends. At least not until my heart is cleared of doubts.

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