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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5077

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Young girls had formed groups, gossiping and chatting about this night. I knew no one. No familiar faces nor anybody who would be interested in spending time with me.

I watched them through the archway on the balcony. What have I got myself into? This life ... . Is it truly, what I wish for? I am here for Edmund, but sometimes I think I will not be able to handle the constant problems in my life, that comes with this new world.

My tears have dried up, leaving only the unpleasant feeling in my heart.

I scan the crowd for Edmund or for Charles – somebody who I can rely on. I am afraid to go out and face another person, who might throw their mean words at me.

Going over and over the faces, my eyes finally reach a pair of orbs watching me close by. So close, that I question myself, how did I not see him? His light grey eyes burned in amusement as well as his sheepish grin, when he cached my gaze.

"What are you doing here, Mr Blanchard?" I asked nonchalantly.

His tall form was leaning against the pillar supporting the archway, all the while not leaving his eyes away from my face.

"Why are you surprised? I told you very early on, I will be attending this event."

"Then what business do you have with me? It is not like you see me for the first time... ."

"True. But it is so entertaining to watch you cope with such simple interactions – something our kind faces every day."

"So you have been watching me and seen me feeling miserable after the encounter with Edmund's parents?"

n in his life except Victoria. Did he not want to tell me about them? Hide their existence? Another secret of my husband I am unaware about?

"Those are not his girlfriends." I said determined.

Blanchard came towards me. His eyes hold a mischievous gleam.

"I will tell you, who is his favorite." William placed his hand heavily on my shoulder. His breath fanned the skin near my ear. He whispered: "Victoria Murray."

My heart stopped for a second as well as the tiny pain let me know of my hidden fear.

"Don't get upset, my queen. That's just a life of the king."

"Leave me be! Please!" I said silently.

"As my queen wishes. You know, I didn't want to be mean. It's better to know about such things early on. Especially for you my dear, naive queen."

Mr Blanchard's voice slowly faded away. I wanted to stay on the balcony for little longer, have the much needed air and calmness. My eyes were still glued on Edmund's form and the girls surrounding him.

Is he really the person I know?

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