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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 6290

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I was afraid, that at some point I will meet Amelia – Edmund's mother. I can't stop thinking about things she said to Edmund the other night. The bitter feeling still holds on to me.

From all the times, finally she has decided to talk to me, but unexpectedly, her words cut in my heart like sharp knifes. So odd to see such beautiful and rather kind face, which holds so deep grudge against me.

I have never wanted to get on her bad side. Now she has voiced loud and clearly her thoughts about me.

Amelia did not pay attention to me, she was looking into the distance, as if I did not exist. It felt odd, hearing her inner thoughts, those hidden inside for these long years.

"Don't say you are going to please and protect her too, Charles." She responded to a man who addressed her.

The event was going so terribly bad, when I noticed, who he actually is. I didn't want to make a scene or any trouble in this family and at least not between his parents. I was stuck in the middle. Edmund's father's dark eyes were fixated on me. I was waiting in anticipation the hurtful words that might come my way.

"Would I be doing something wrong, if I did?"

"Off course you would. She doesn't deserve a single drop of our sweat. "Amelia was getting agitated. "Has she earned her place? It is easy to seduce a man and climb up to the top with no effort. She would be nothing, if Edmund wouldn't had married her. Nothing... ."

I was glad that she had chosen to keep her voice down. It would be a big problem, if everybody were to hear her assumed truth. I was keeping myself calm with all my strength not to shed my tears.

"We... I put so much effort to get him where he is now. All in vain."

I was afraid to say anything, tell her, that everything she voiced is a lie and just her assumption, without knowing the truth. It was never my intention to use Edmund for my ow

is grown up, she has no power over him at all. She is just talk at this point. Amelia, as bad as she seems, is not so twisted to truly hurt somebody."

"And what about you? What am I to you?"

"You are my queen, Thea. And a dear person to my son. I can't be thankful enough for the way you have changed Edmund. And from the very beginning I knew you will be the one, in some way special to him. You have my support."

"Thank you. It means a world to me. I just want my family to be happy. You, your wife, Edmund - everyone."

"Thea, you can't make everyone happy. It is impossible. You will never be able to please the whole world. First, make sure you are cherishing yourself."

"Now I know, where Edmund has gotten his personality from." My lips formed an ironic smile. "He is so much like both of you."

Charles's form stood like a dark shadow, menacing and mysterious in the darkly lit balcony. Half of his face hidden in the night, the other lit by a soft light. Such an odd image will be embedded in my mind, remembering his kind gesture, a moment to treasure his expressed support.

"I will go and try to get hold of Edmund."

I felt another stroke of his firm hand and he left me with my own thoughts and the dark sky watching me.

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