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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 7133

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I leaned my back against the chair. Weakness in my legs seemed to disappear slowly, but I was not ready to meet and talk with our guests. Some time of rest was all I needed for the moment.

Edmund's eyes were set hard on the chatting people beneath his superior gaze. This was the whole new side, I have not seen in my husband. It means, I know him not near enough as I had thought.

So much I know - he is not enjoying this party.

His pearly orbs turned my way under the dark, creased eyebrows, that shows how much annoyed he seems. Then a small smile flashed just for a second.

I looked at him questionably, unaware of what he meant by his small expression.

"You look beautiful today, Thea." Edmund said in quiet voice.

I couldn't help but return a shy smile.

"This is your rightful place. It suits you."

"I... You are saying it, just because I am your wife."

"Don't believe me? Well, some day you will see for yourself."

Edmund's compliment brightened my mood and I could forget the troubling thoughts just for a moment.

But the delightful feeling didn't last long. All around I could hear whispers, some random words, which definitely suggested that a conversation was about me. Words 'unbelievable', 'pretty', 'slave', 'how could he' swam around me and came to my ears. I couldn't guess, how they viewed me, what were they thinking? Are these people alright with me, as I have taken so high position in society?

"Come! You need to relax and I think some talking and get to know guests will help." Edmund gently took me by my hand and guided me deeper into the crowd.

I saw no familiar faces. Everybody were looking at us, at me, while we passed by, which made me feel extremely conscious.

We stopped by an older couple with a young girl by their side. The gentleman was little bit overweight, the buttons on his belly barely hold his stomach in, but his attire was so we'll put together, that you could not notice such small detail. His head was starting to bald, just few grayish golden hair were left. He looked snobbish, like everyone else I had seen so far.

His wife had no particular exp

combed similarly to Edmund's style. The tight fitting jacket and pants made him look mysterious.

Edmund turned back to me with apologetic look in his eyes.

"Sorry, Thea! I will have to leave you alone for some time."


"Don't worry. Everything will be alright. I will send someone to you as soon as possible."

"Alright." My voice hold a defeated tone.

In reality I felt very scared to be left alone. I was glad, that at this point I knew some of these people, but there were still so many unknown faces. Edmund disappeared behind the forms of guests.

I decided to stay quiet and hoped that no one will notice me.

My hunger got my attention back to the food and I took a bite of the most appealing piece.

Not too long after I noticed a presence beside me. Another lady's delicate fingers reached for the fruit. I paid no attention and prayed she will leave me alone.

"This is simply outrageous, how easy they have accepted you without questioning anything." Her soft voice was quiet, so much, only I could hear it and maybe someone, who stood close. "I bet it is because they respect Edmund so much. Sometimes I wonder, how he has achieved such authority. I am certainly not complaining." She let out a tiny laugh. "If I would have a power, I would leave you in the cold, dark basement, where is your rightful place."

"That's enough, Amelia!" A familiar voice cut her off sharply.

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