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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5646

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I took a deep breath, before getting out of carriage. Edmund sat in front of me and watched silently – waiting, when I will get the will to face the crowd. Loud murmurs made me aware, that I will have no choice, but to eventually meet these people.

Without saying a word, he took my hand, the warmth of it soothed my beating heart. As the door opened, I heard gasps, cheerful shouting, whispers. My husband left the carriage first, his tall form towered over the 'small' people. I couldn't get away and faced them all as well. If it wasn't Edmund who hold my hand, I would be trembling like an aspen leaf in the wind.

The sight was overwhelming. Men, women in different ages stood alongside the path that lead into the building. I could not distinguish the individual faces, my gaze darted from one side of the crowd to other.

"Don't pay attention to them." Edmund said quietly.

I listened in Edmund's suggestion by better focusing on my well being, than think about all these people, who I, most likely, will never meet in person.

Edmund's face was dead serious, almost annoyed. I could imagine him exploding in any minute, but he managed to keep his calm, even when talking to me - he appeared collected.

As we closed in on the entrance, the noise of people quieted down. The same guards let us inside.

The hall felt so much warmer, than, when I visited it before. Everybody were dressed better, than a swarm outside. Elegant ladies and gentleman in finest clothing. Their dresses looked like delicious cakes. Some faces hold the kind vibes, while others reflected the unpleasant feelings hidden inside. It was scary, how many unknown faces were about to come at me.


magnifying glass.

The sudden words of Edmund scared the living soul out of me, when he started talking.

"Greetings to all of those, who has honored us by coming to this wonderful event. Some of you may be confused, disappointed, of why I have changed my mind so drastically in regards of my spouse, why have I chosen someone from different background to be my future ally, wife and life long companion. Here today I have decided to introduce you all with the future queen of Hadria, my wife Thea Wiltshire. Please be kind to her and respectful, the same way she will be for our country and it's people. Also I wish everybody a fantastic night!"

I have never heard Edmund's voice hold so much authority. He sounded so strange, like completely different person - colder, more arrogant. There almost seemed to be a tone of threat in his speech.

I couldn't comprehend the reasons for his attitude.

My train of thoughts were interrupted by louder growing applause. I saw smiles on faces of young girls and glimmering eyes of gentlemen. The experience felt so unnerving. Should I be happy, hopeful or watch my back?

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