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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5619

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I had dressed up in more casual wear than on other days. My outfit hold less accents around the edges, lacing on my sleeves looked rather plain. I probably appeared like a regular noble lady, but I didn't complain. The only remnant of my current status was the visibly expensive texture of the fabric - silky and sewn with perfection.

Edmund looked like his old self, back in his younger days. Today he had chosen to wear my gifted scarf, for which I was extremely happy. It really suited him, together with his dark blue jacket.

I watched his masculine contoured face reflect the afternoon sun. Edmund's dark hair were shining, few strands were taken by the wind and made him look as casual as we both were dressed.

I loved how messy his hair could get, but at the same time they always were keeping his whole appearance of a noble. They never looked or suggested he is from any other class.

I smiled, while he observed the surroundings of a grand castle looking structure in the middle of the city.

Deep down I tried to suppress the anxious feeling of the upcoming party and whatever Edmund had in store for me. He told me it's nothing serious at the moment and I pushed myself to keep positive look on the future and not worry about minor things.

I heard the carriage behind us leave and Edmund averted his eyes on me. He extended his hand.

"You look so ... fine today? Are you ready for a 'surprise'?"

"What do you mean by saying 'fine'?"

" I expected you to be little bit worried, that's all." Edmund flashed a subtle smile.

"I have to get over it. It will not help me moving forward."

"Hmmm!" My husband said nothing else, just squeezed my hand fi

d said gently.

I did, as he said, I needed some rest for my weak legs. I could feel my hand tremble. It didn't seem real at first, but the touch from Edmund brought me back to reality, which made me realize, that this is what awaits me.

"Are you ever worried about such things?" I asked him with uncertainty in my heart.

"Not anymore. Now it seems like an annoyance, sometimes like a heavy burden to me."

Was it the reason Edmund disliked being a king, a ruler? There is no time in my life I don't think about reasons which only he knows.

"I care, how you feel, I want you to be happy. If there is anything I can do?"

"Don't worry about me." Edmund smiled. "I am fine and long accustomed to situation s like these. You on other hand think of it as a chance to get to know everybody at first. Some of them are quite nice people."

"What if they don't like me? Will they accept a mere slave as their leader?"

"They will have no choice. I refuse to go back, where everybody else dictated my life. Now it's my turn to rule, make my decisions and choose the person, with who I will spend my life with."

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