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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 7145

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Edmund was sleeping, so calm, as if nothing happened the last night. I admire his power to forget things so easily. Though maybe he is hiding his true emotions. I don't know. Edmund definitely has learned to cope with everything that comes at him.

I on other hand can't forget the conversation between my husband and his mother. Every word has dug deep in my memory, impossible to erase the feeling it created in my heart - hurt and suffocating rejection by everyone.

I need so much strength just to put up with everyday encounters with various people, to get to know them and be aware of their intentions, which are not always in favor of me.

I miss those carefree months in Wiltshire's summer house, Fiona, James and everybody else I got to know over the years. Seems like I have to start everything from beginning. Finding new friends, watching out of foes and create my new life in alien world.

Sometimes I doubt myself, can I really accomplish my dreams against all odds?

I can't do it without the support of my closest ones, especially Edmund. I need him for me to stay strong. After all my purpose had been to be by his side, whether as a slave, a wife or a queen.

The urge to hug him tightly had been overwhelming and without waiting for him to open his eyes, I wrap my hands around him.

Deep down in his chest I can hear a heartbeat. Like a silent clock it rings in my ears calming my troubled thoughts just for some time.

"Sorry, I didn't want to wake you up." I squeezed him tighter, when I felt him stir up.

"Hmm... ."

Edmund looked still asleep, like a drowsy bear awakened from winter sleep, with his movements slow and sluggish.

He glanced at me through the corner of his eye.

"... just don't be a grumpy today... ."

I prayed that he will be in better mood.

"It depends, if I get my share of sunshine!"

My heart relaxed, when I noticed his lips form a sweet smile.

"I will give you as much as you want." My arms wrapped around Edmund in tighter coils as an unmovable smile formed on my face. My heart was melting in happiness and delight of seeing his face holding positive emotion

"Why? Did he do something worse?"

"You could say that... . I hate him for that, he never tried to intervene between me and my mother. He allowed her to use me all my childhood, rob me of the innocence I should have experienced in my age. Maybe I would have grown to be a different person – more sane, kinder... ." He let out a soft laugh, but not filled with joy.

"I think he cares about you. I know it."

"Maybe, but I think it's kind of too late."

"It is too late, if you give up. I believe your father has always wished you good. I never felt him as a bad person..."

"Do you think, I am a bad person?" He abruptly changed the subject.

I glanced at him and saw a small mischievous smirk had appeared in his features.

"If you would try, I could say you are a pleasant person to meet. You are most definitely not a bad person, just spoiled."

"I will get you for this!" He said in grumbling voice. "Get up! I need to show you something."

I felt his fingertips dig in my sides, which made me jump out of bed immediately.

"I didn't know you are ticklish!"

"I didn't too... ."

I could feel my cheeks get hot, while Edmund watched me from other side of the bed, looking childishly playful.

"What is it? Should I be worried?"

His smile slowly disappeared. Edmund's eyes now hold some strange concerning emotion.

"It depends of how you will handle it. It's something about the 'party'.

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