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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 6413

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I dismissed what Edmund said about William, all the while the single question burned in my mind. Why he hasn't told me anything about the upcoming event? His face still hold an unpleased expression, worry, slight grumpiness and something else, but I couldn't get a feeling, what was it. I eyed him for another minute, as he sipped couple spoons of his soup.

"Don't you want to tell me anything?"

His eyes shot up, as if being terribly disturbed. I couldn't help, but flinch.

"Actually, there was, but... but it looks like you already know, what it is about. Am I right?"

So it was all true. I will have to meet other nobles soon and the thought terrified me. Also Edmund seemed not himself, which made me little bit anxious to ask for any kind of support at this moment.

"Don't worry. Everything will be alright."

"It.... it is easy for you to say. You have no idea, how I feel..." I was anxiously stirring up the remaining pieces of vegetables in my soup.

Edmund let out a heavy sigh and I felt his warm hand placed on mine. I didn't notice until now, that it was trembling slightly, but my husband's firm hold was keeping it calmer.

"I will be there and Victoria will come too. If you are unsure of anything, ask her."


I didn't know what to think of her yet. She surely wasn't the type of person I first would go to. I didn't trust her and I couldn't understand, why Edmund decided to have her too at the event. Yeah... He told that she is a good friend... . I should stop worrying so much about this woman.

"William said he will go too."

"How could he miss that?" Edmund said to himself out loud. "I should tell my mother to keep him far away from us."

"Why?" I was curios, why Edmund wasn't fond of his presence.

"Because usually he sticks his nose, where it shouldn't be. His place is between the gossiping, old ladies like my mother."

"Is that why you don't li

ruly meant nothing to him.

"I will not accept her in our family, never. And I hope others will too. No one needs a pathetic, weak and wimpy queen!" His mother spat. "She will suffer once again, mark my words."

"Don't even consider hurting her - you or anybody else. If it happens.... everybody will see the monster you have created."

I heard her delicate feet stomp away. I was shaking in disbelief and hurt. Not for words she threw at me, but for the broken relationship between them. I had no knowledge, that Edmund despised his own mother so much, almost hated her. I could feel his words through the walls being filled with the most negative emotions towards her.

His mother never said anything to me, almost seemed as I don't exist in her world. Now it seems she still doesn't want to acknowledge my existence as a person nor as a new queen.

What Edmund meant by his last words? What is he intending to do, if something goes wrong? It scares me. It scares me, that he is nowhere near a better situation as I though before. I fear for him greatly. I want for him to be and feel well for once.

The deathly silence makes me crawl and cocoon deeper in the soft, comforting duvets.

I want to forget this night, the conversation I heard and fear of my future.

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