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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 6950

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I wanted to go to my room and cry again, but deep down I knew it will not help with anything. Will it make me feel better? Maybe... a little... . In the end of the day, it will not solve the problem I am having. I am clueless of what should I do, how should I interact with others? Seems, that my friendly and caring nature is not giving the fruits I await.

Edmund is upset again for things I messed up. How could I know, that making Anna happy by buying her a noble's dress, would lead me to confrontation with my husband?

The only thing left to do for me is to wait until he calms down.

I wipe the tiny tear that managed to hold on my thick lashes – the remaining hurt seen in my face.

It's been a while I ate something and my stomach is beginning to rumble quietly.

Before I know it, my feet carry me closer to a dining room. I wish no one is there. A piece of quiet and smell of delicious food would be my ideal company right now, a moment to stay with my thoughts, that's all I need.

As expected the sweet aroma of pies hits my senses as soon as I step in the dining area. Like some type of magic it manages to erase the bitter feeling I hold earlier.

My hopes are short lived, when I notice a person sitting in the chair by the table. I recognize him – Mr Blanchard. The last person I expected to see here and the one I didn't want to talk at this moment.

My body hesitated to move, but my stomach seemed to have mind of it's own, but then I gave up.

In the future I will have to meet people and interact with them, even if I didn't want to. I have to toughen up. For myself and for Edmund too. I have to show him, that I can be a worthy queen beside him.

Taking a deep breath I walk up to a table and sit few seats away from him. Mr Blanchard seems to be in his own thoughts, singing some unknown melody, which I barely could hear.

As being terribly disturbed, he made a tiny jump upon noticing me.

"Quiet as a mouse... . Good day, my Lady!"

I observed him unnoticeably. He was a weird man, never in my life I have encountered a person wit

k, creased eyebrows made his face look menacing and unwelcome.

Edmund shifted his eyes towards William and then over me. He sat down in chair at the end of the table, just one seat away from me.

"We will need to talk about something later on, Thea." He let out a rather frustrated sigh.

I couldn't tell, what was that for. Was he bothered by presence of me, Mr Blanchard or something else entirely?

I nodded, but said nothing, not wanting to make his mood get worse. I still waited for him to calm down.

"Ohh, hello my King! Sorry, I have been daydreaming and didn't notice you." William laughed awkwardly. "My deepest apologies for my rudeness."

"Whatever. I just hope you will not stay here for long, as my mother is already gone for some time and will not return soon. I doubt you have other businesses here." Edmund grunted.

"Awhh, such a waist of time." William exhaled, his moves were too animated for a noble man. "How could she leave without me? Well... I will have to go, if my king wants me out of his way."

Mr Blanchard stood up, his chair squeaking terribly over the floor. Bowed deeply and with his fancy walk left the room.

"Did you have to be so rude?" I said between the sips of my soup.

Right then, I hoped he will not get angry for my bold question. There was still something up with him.

"He is not someone, who deserves my respect."

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