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Like two little, young girls we were striding along the colorfully displayed goods on each selling spot. Fresh vegetables, fruits and the finest fabrics gorged my eyes. I was excited and saw the same emotion in Anna's eyes. On other side, Sophia's face was still blank, as if things going around here didn't affect her in any way. Maybe it didn't. I hardly doubt this is her first time here.

"Sophia? Can you buy this and this and this too?" Anna was jumping from one marketplace to another, in long strides around many racks and boxes.

She didn't wait for an answer, but continued her exploring. Sophia glanced at her slightly annoyed, but said nothing. I was surprised that I had caught a glimpse of emotion of any kind on her face.

Was Sophia unhappy?

"Are you feeling well?" I asked and paid closer attention to her response.

"I am alright, my Lady!"

"Are you unhappy here... in the castle?"

Her eyes widened little bit, but then she put her stoic mask back on.

"No. I am happy. May I ask why you think that way?" her voice was quiet.

"I just have never seen you smile or be happy about anything. Is there anything I can do for you?" I gave her a small smile.

"No, my Lady. I am fine. Some people are happy and you can clearly see it, some ... hold on their happiness inside. We all are different and express our emotions differently... ."

She slowly averted her eyes back on vegetables in front of her.

"You are right... ."

I could say the same things about myself. There is not many times, when I truly express my happiness to people around. Even though my heart is bubbling erratically inside of me. Most of the times other person wouldn't guess, what I experience. Just lately I have started to feel more free and comfortable in relation of my feelings.

Time passed quickly. Sophia gathered everything she needed and reluctantly we were heading home. On the way back to our carriage, I gazed on the smaller shops inside the buildings. Hidden behind the thick window frames, I could get a small glimpse, what they were selling.

In one of them it seemed to be some souvenir type things, while on other side I noticed the expensive looking shoes, dresses - for woman and fancy coats for man. In one window I noticed a black coat for man and a crimson red scarf. It stood out in the dark, candle lit window.

Edmund gave me money, so I can buy something. The scarf captivated me. It reminded me of younger Master. He used to wear them - blue, red most of the time.

"What are you looking at?" Anna asked standing beside me.

"Wait for me here. I need to buy something."

Determined I walked inside the shop. The room was filled with strangely pleasant aroma. I noticed more clothing of men hanging in the corners.

A tall man with bald head stood behind a table, reminding me a butler in


Edmund looked me up and down, with judging stare.

"And what did you buy for yourself?"

I looked down at the scarf in my hands and anxiously nibbled on the fine fabric.

"N... nothing... ."

"That girl don't need that dress. She will never wear it and I won't allow it to happen in my castle." His voice was a bit louder and angrier.

"Why...? She is just a lonely, poor girl... ."

"Because she is a servant, not a nobility, Thea! Think about, how it would look like if every servant wore a dress like that. Total nonsense! What are you thinking about? I though you knew better of how this works. Besides, that girl has everything she needs. Food, shelter, clothing better than rugs. You can't just give everything to people around you. They will learn to take more and more and others will expect the same. In this way you will draw confusion between everybody. You know how strict is line between the classes."

"I... I ... ." I could barely hold my tears. I didn't understand why Edmund is so mad at me. It couldn't be just this insignificant thing.

"I told you to buy something for yourself. How could you forget about the most important person. Giving presents for everybody, but except yourself... ."

"Please, don't be angry..." My voice was almost a whisper.

"Thea, I want you to put yourself before everybody else. You will crumble down and people will take advantage of you, if you don't."

He breathed out heavily in slight anger.

I saw a single drop of tear fall on the scarf and taint it in darker color. In my vision I noticed Edmund's hand take hold of a scarf. His hold was strong and still full with emotion. With the same frustration he put it around his neck, over his shoulders, gave me another glance and walked away.

Like every time, I couldn't make myself and look up at him.

The nice and exciting day has turned into a disaster.

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