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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5455

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Edmund was laying beside me unaware of the fact that I was awake. I couldn't take my eyes away from his handsome face. He has grown up to be a very good looking man, very similar to his father, but with more power in his appearance. My fast beating heart couldn't calm down, I squirmed wrapped in blankets. The swarm of butterflies kept turning my stomach, which made me crack a smile. I hid my lips from the view of ... nobody.

I felt so much more assure right now, when I knew that Edmund doesn't see my reaction of being beside him. As a small girl I am looking up to a prince, godly and handsome.

I don't see his unique eye color with his eyes closed. Edmund's smooth skin basks in dim sun rays that are coming through the heavy curtains. Black, silky hair are spread over the white pillow. His brows are creased and he doesn't look relaxed completely – like being in deep thoughts in his dreams.

Deep down I worry about him. So much work and duties. Edmund takes all his problems on himself. I know, I am not the best support in royal matters, but I wish he would share his troubles more with me.

I see him stirring up. I don't want him wake up just yet.

With careful and smooth moves I slid out of our bed, put a warm, cozy cloak on my shoulders and walked over the cold corridor floors. I wandered around for some time in solitude, deep in thoughts, trying to come up with some interesting plan for this upcoming day. I gazed up on the heavenly high ceiling in entrance hall. The color theme was so warm, it made me lose the cold feeling on bottom of my feet. Golden tones, amber decorations, paintings of small b

u so excited in this early morning?" I felt his eyes on me as I scurried to my dresser.

"I .... I will go to town with Sophia and Anna."


"Shopping! Also I want to see Agra, explore it and maybe meet some people..." I saw concern in Edmund's eyes. "Can I.....?"

He flashed his gentle smile again. "Sure, you can. Don't ask me permission for so silly things. Do you want to buy something for yourself too?"

"Uhmmm... I don't know what I really want..."

"Here..." He placed his wallet in my palm. "Make sure you get something, that catches your eye."

It felt so weird to hold the money... his money. I have never owned a single coin. I felt very overwhelmed and unsure of what I should do.

"Don't come back unless you have got a decent present for yourself."

Edmund has come close to me and looked at my blue eyes intently. His heavy hands rested on my shoulders. My heart was beating hard and I was sure he felt it.

I felt a soft peck placed on my cheek, his lips warm.... touch full with emotions.

"Hurry up. And..... be careful!" Edmund whispered.

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