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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5385

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"You should know better how to treat your lady, Edmund. Don't you see, you make Thea feel miserable."

Edmund turned his head to face her for a short moment, all the while still being knelt down in front of me.

"I think, Thea knows I have no ill feelings towards her in what I am saying." Edmund was looking for something in my eyes – a meaning for what I felt – something I wasn't sure about myself.

I tried hard to change my thoughts and doubts about my husband. I didn't want to think, that he has feelings for other women, only that I am the one. I want to trust him, like I have always been.

I tried to lift a teacup to get a sip, but Edmund's strong grip on it and my arm made it slip out of my fingers and spill the tea. The hot liquid poured over his hand – his delicate skin of a noble man. He hissed in pain, stood up and the expensive cup fell on the ground.

"I am sorry, Edmund!" I said as being burned myself.

He wiped his hand in white napkin, that laid on a table. I run up to him, to look, if he is not burned. I felt so guilty of hurting him.

"Cant't you be more careful! If you wouldn't be his wife, I am sure Edmund would behead you on the spot. How do you think to become a queen being so clumsy?"

"I am so sorry..., sorry Edmund." I felt very small, guilty and unworthy to be his wife. I was not a noble lady, with manners to match, even though I have been learning things for many years.

I glanced at Victoria, who was eyeing me with judging look on her pretty face. I could not look up at Edmund. I was afraid.

Afraid of what he might say or look like, nervous of

ugh the facade I tried to put on. "Also your hair pins are out of place. I can fix them..."

While I laid in bed, I managed to get my neat hairstyle get messy and golden pins fall out of place. One of them even fell in my lap. I didn't see myself, but I guessed, that my look didn't fit my status.

My hand went through few strands of hair. I could feel my mood go down even more.

"Yes. My hair should get some extra attention." I gave Anna a weak smile and petted next to me on my bed.

She took a hair brush from a nightstand, took off her shoes and climbed on silky sheets, before asking can she do it. I just nodded. I didn't care, if she behaves properly. After all I was the same like this little girl.

Her little fingers tingled my scalp, relaxed me and I became drowsy. Her gentle strokes calmed my nerves and all I wanted was to sleep.

We didn't talk, in complete silence we spent long minutes in our company, which I was happy about. I think, Anna didn't care as well, who I really was. I hoped she views me as a regular person in her small world.

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