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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5510

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"Maybe he had reasons to hide it from you?"

"Yeah, you must be right. He hasn't told me about many things in his life."

I felt the sadness seep deeper into my heart. All his life Edmund has kept secrets from me and probably still does today. I have always wanted his trust, but will I ever get it? And who is Victoria, really? Just a friend? ... A friend I have never heard of... .

"What has he told you about me?" I finally glanced at her.

Victoria was admiring her beautiful fan - the tiny details of it. She answered me without drawing her attention away from her accessory.

"You are hard working, submissive, and quiet. Smart and fast learner, even though you think differently. Very naive." She tried to suppress her laugh. "When he was here, away from you for many years, he never stopped thinking about you. I had to listen him every day, how much he worries and misses his little 'slave'." Her green eyes turned dreamy for a second.

"Are you married?" The sudden question pooped in my mind.

Victoria turned silent, stopped her casual pickering on her fan and turned to look at me. She straightened her back and neck, averted her gaze and confidently said in arrogant voice.

"I do... I... I have a fiance, but he is not here at the moment."

"Where is he?"

"Over- seas. I am waiting for his return."

"Uhmmm...." I didn't want to question her, as she seemed uncomfortable.

It surprised me how much Victoria knew about me and how much time she has spent with Edmund. She was here with him all the time, heard his thoughts and feelings. The way she dreamed about old times made me think, that they must be much clo

like my husband didn't pay attention to Victoria, when he walked up to me slowly, holding a teacup firmly in his hands. I could barely hold his gaze. I wanted to hide.... from Victoria and him as well.

Edmund bent down on his knee and presented me a tea. Reluctantly I extended my hands, which for some reason were trembling slightly. I hoped no one sees it.

As my fingers reached the warmth of the delicate porcelain, I expected to finally receive the cup. Edmund didn't let go of it. He wrapped his big hands around mine. They hold so much warmth and almost surpassed the hotness of the sweet tea inside the cup.

"I am sorry, Thea...." He said in quiet, calm voice, with a hint of regret in it.

I looked down at our hands. I felt horrible, but couldn't describe or figure out about what exactly. So confused and hurt, I felt a tear break away.

"Don't you think it is too much for her?" I heard Victoria's voice in the background.

I didn't know what was happening to me. Never in my life I have experienced such emotion, that made me feel strong bitterness and ache in my heart.

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