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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 6125

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It felt like a demand, but he said it calmly. I wanted to get away from this uncomfortable situation. I couldn't, because Edmund's hold on my arm got stronger.

He pulled me against his side and whispered.

"You can't always run away."

Through the corner of my eye, I noticed Victoria watching me with annoyed expression.

"Stay..." he said quietly.

I didn't have any courage, but I obeyed.

"What did I get myself into?" Victoria rolled her eyes.

There seemed to be some invisible communication between Edmund and her, but I had no clue, what was up with them.

One thing was certain. They seemed close. Even with Maria, Edmund didn't act so free and careless. He didn't wear his usual full arrogance look this time.

"Come, we'll have some tea." Edmund suggested.

Victoria pulled out an ash grey fan which had two huge eyes. Those reminded me of patterns on wings of a moth – accented with cream colored lines and tiny dots. The dark eyes in the middle looked like endless abyss. It terribly captivated me. It was beautiful.

"Do you like it?" She asked, snapping me out of another daydream. "We can buy one for you too."

I almost invisibly nodded. I wasn't sure if I really wanted it or could just get it. Maybe I could, but I still felt like nothing belongs to me.

"My advice, Thea. You should speak up. Just say, what you want."

"I don't want anything..." My words came out in quiet murmur.

Edmund just smiled. I didn't get, why he allowed her to talk like that with me. Previously, he always interfered, whenever someone crossed the line, but not now. Was it normal for these people to talk so rudely and blunt?

On the way to the tea house both of them talked about various things, but I couldn't concentrate on their conversation. It was just a distant bubbling, like a chattering of leave

w do you know about me?"

"Hasn't Edmund told anything about me? He certainly told everything about you. That is..... how great of a pet you are!" She burst out in laughter.

"I am not a pet." I said quietly to myself.

"What? I didn't hear you well."


"Speak up!"

Will she be another person, who will make fun of me? I couldn't tell yet. Maybe she just repeated Edmund's words - words, that somehow always reminded me that I am nothing.

"How do you...? Are you close?" I couldn't think of anything to ask at first, as I wanted to know all.

"Yes. We are very close friends. I have known him, since I could stand on my own feet."

"He has never told me about you." I couldn't help, but feel very depressed.

I watched my expensive looking shoes and not once glanced at Victoria. I couldn't make myself to look her in the eye and see her gorgeous face and princess like appearance.

Strange thoughts invaded my mind, about things I have never thought about. As I compared myself to her, I felt even more insignificant in this noble men world, in Edmund's eyes and heart. I was nothing compared to Victoria.

I wanted to be like her, to be better and be someone looked upon, admired.

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