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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5346

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"Uhmmm. Do I know you?" I felt silly to ask such obvious question.

"I am a frequent visitor to this place and .... also I have heard many things about you, darling."

"From who might it be?" I had a guess he might be this friend of Edmund, but didn't want to jump to conclusions yet.

"Well, that will be my little secret."

William was very odd and he made me feel uncomfortable in his presence. I could say he is friendly and I had nothing against it, but at this very moment he was too friendly for my liking and comfort.

I had no reason to question his knowledge about me too. By now, many people have gotten to hear about my existence and if he said he comes here often, then someone from this family might have told him things. That is Edmund most likely.

He watched me for a while with a wide, amusing smile, his eyes glimmering with excitement. I was ready to tell him about Edmund waiting him, when he spoke suddenly.

"I will go then. My lady is waiting. It was very nice to finally meet you." He made a fancy bow in front of me and proceeded his walk on stairs that lead deeper in to the castle.

My eyes lingered on his disappearing form – little bit dumbfounded and confused. He said 'his lady'. Who is it then? The only lady in this house is Edmund's mother and William didn't look like a person who is in close relations with any of the servants.

Wasn't he Edmund's friend?

"Why such a confused face?" Edmund's voice rang from upstairs.

I looked up and saw him leaning over the railing of upper floor. His dark strands of hair hang loosely and his white orbs wa

noble people so closed off and mysterious?

"Edmund! I though I knew you better." She looked me over from head to toe. "Is it her?"

"Yes." He said confidently. "Thea, this is my friend Victoria Murray."

There was a bit of silence between them. " Victoria, this is my wife Thea, your .... queen."

"Don't expect me to serve her. I am not a slave." She arrogantly told Edmund.

Her words stung deeply in to my heart. Victoria smiled.

"I hope we will get along well."

I wanted to get away from this woman and her judging eyes. I would feel more at ease in presence of William, than being around her. What was Edmund thinking? Why did he invite her? To allow her to laugh at me and say these horrible things?

I let go of his hand. I felt him trying to get hold of it again, but I hid them in the crooks of my dress.

"Not a talker, are you? Don't feel intimidated by me. I won't bite.... unless you get on my bad side." She made a small giggle.

"Edmund.... I have to go."

I was ready to walk away, when he finally got hold of me.


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