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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 4979

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Edmund invited me to take a walk in the royal garden. I needed some time with him, and he probably was eager to let go of his frustrations. It seemed like he was turning to his old self. I feared and hoped that this anger would not come out on me. It was not so easy to abandon his role and neither his problems that came with it.

He is holding my hand tight, body close to mine as we slowly walk down the steps. The white gravel path is covered in small puddles, grass is wet, full with fresh droplets of rain. The air smells nice. My heart flutters like a small bird being trapped in my chest. I enjoy the feeling of being so close to him, feel his arms and warmth of his body, the comforting feeling he gives. I miss him whenever he is gone for longer time. Edmund has become my family, which I never had and I will never let him go.

The same way as by the dinner table, his mind seems to be occupied with thoughts. Is it about Maria? Did she cause more problems for him or is it just the simple fact we are together. I had never wanted to ruin someone's happiness, even Maria's, but Edmund....

Edmund is more important than anyone else in my world and if he chose to leave Maria, than it must be for his own good.

I want to ask him, what he was talking with Maria or anyone in that matter, but at the same time I feel afraid to disturb his thoughts and sway him away from the little time of peace he can afford.

The beautifully sculptured garden is so big, that I cannot see

eading up to the second floor. Somebody was coming my way, but I didn't recognize this person. It was a man – tall and slim with dirty blond hair, which formed slight curls. He was oddly dressed. He had a normal male suit, brown in color, almost matching the shade of his hair. But his creamy white shirt had puffy lacing on his chest area as well as the end of his sleeves. I had never seen anybody dressed this way.

His steps were light, but manly at the same time.

He spotted me and flashed his teeth in sheepish grin. I didn't know what to think. Does he know me? Is this a friend Edmund talked about?

In few swift strides he had climbed up to me, bowed deeply and then reached out for my hand.

"Is this our new queen?"He looked me over, while I stood completely dumbfounded. "May I introduce myself...."

He placed a light kiss on my hand, a grip on my fingers was firm and made me little bit uncomfortable.

"I am William Blanchard. I am so honored to finally meet you."

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