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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 6872

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Anna's question shocked me for a moment. I didn't know what to say, what answer to give. To lie? I never lied and I didn't want to tell false truth to this young and naive girl. Even if I tried to hide my true origins, eventually someone will come up with the truth and there will be more trouble for me.

I hesitated and took some time to get the courage to say, what needed to be. Anna's eyes looked wary and scared. I guessed she knew, how inappropriate her question was.

I smiled softly at her.

"Yes.... I was. I won't deny it." My voice was quiet.

"Was king Edmund your master?" Came another timid question.

I nodded. I felt glad he was. I would have spent a life much worse, if it wasn't him, who chose me.

"Did majesty treat you well?"

"Stop it, Anna! That's enough! I will have a talk with you later." Sophia strictly whispered to her. "My apologies, your highness. I am sorry for her rude questions."

"It's alright. She is just a child. It is good, that she is curious. And.... it is not like I am offended. After all, I have never been a highborn woman. Her feelings are very understandable to me." I gave them an assuring smile to ease the tension.

"Was he good to you?"

"Anna!" Sophia nearly shouted.

"I ..... I am sorry. I am just scared. I just want to know if he will be kind to me. He is my master now, after my parents have gone." Anna quickly blurted everything out. I could see the fear and uncertainty in her eyes, that were on a brink of tearing up.

"... he was..." I felt a tear slip through my own eye.

The memories, when Edmund was not around and my life as a slave at those times, brought back bad feelings. I was treated like no human by few people before, at the time, when Edmund was spending time here, in this castle. I was all alone, scared, afraid for the next day, as I anxiously waited for the beatings and ill treatment from people I lived with. It saddens me, that Edmund was never there, that these people were allowed to do, whatever they want, behind his back and get away with it day

ows let in the dim daylight of thundering storm. Rain smacked against the panes in full force.

Edmund's mother was siting on other end of the table. She eyed me, but said nothing. She was never eager to get in decent conversation with me. I didn't mind, but now, when I married her son, this thought have started to trouble me. What was she thinking about me?

We silently watched each other until I felt Edmund sit beside me. His chair squeaked and brought both of us out from starring endlessly at each other.

My husband gave her an annoyed glance.

Seemed like he has calmed down a bit.

In minutes a meal was given to us and we all dug in.

Looked like something is on Edmund's mind.

"What's the matter?" I couldn't take any longer the unknowing feeling.

"Just some problems with the engagement....... Maria that is."

"I told you it will be a problem." His mother interfered.

"You stop sticking your nose in my life. I will get my problems sorted out myself. I don't need your opinion." Edmund said harshly, sending a warning glare to his mother.

"I am sorry...." I said.

Edmund looked at me strangely, like being offended by my answer. I wanted to say 'sorry' again, but chose to shut up.

"Tomorrow I will introduce you to someone. You must feel bored here..."

"Who.... is it?" I was intrigued.

"Very close friend of mine."

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