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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5886

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After the endless walk through the castle I ended up back in the main hall. In a distance I saw two male guards standing by the door like statues. Somewhere other maids worked on their daily tasks. I could only hear their distant chatting and their feet shuffling on the marble floors. Occasionally I could get a glimpse of their silhouettes, but their forms disappeared as fast as they had come.

Castle was quiet, here were not many people to talk to or almost any at all in that matter. The only meaningful conversation I had was with Adam - he seemed to be a hard working man. By delivering the goods from the market every day, he provided this house with the most exquisite ingredients for our meals.

I wished to have someone close to talk to or spend my time with, while Edmund is gone.

I saw a door being opened by guards and inside walked Edmund's mother - or I think this woman was. I had not seen her for very long time.

Without acknowledging the guards, she smoothly slid in my direction. Like every other time I expected her to ignore my presence, but when her eyes came up, she stopped and faced me.

"How is your new life?" She said with her chin raised high. "Hmmm.... I still don't understand, what he sees in you. But..... what's done is done, I guess."

With that, she just left me standing with none answered question and endless thoughts of, why she said that. For a minute I awed stupidly, but then put myself together and tried to come up with a plan for the rest of the time today.

Somehow she was right on her statement. Even I don't know, what Edmund sees, to have made a choice to marry me. I know he cares for me, he has always wanted to provide me with the best things, though I was nothing more than a slave. We have sp

social rules. I am their master.... I am their queen and no royalty should be called by their name by.... lower class. It was very hard for me too, when Edmund always insisted it. I just want to be friends with these young women, get to know them and make them feel more relaxed in my presence. Little hope stayed in my heart, that they will get used to me.

"Why are you here, Anna? Where are your parents?"

"They died of sickness not long ago. Her mother and then her father too. She has no one, so our King allowed her to stay here. She is learning her duties with me at the moment." Sophia explained with nonchalant face expression.

Anna's face lost a light she carried all along.

"I....I am so sorry to hear it... ." I needed to change the subject to sway the negative thoughts elsewhere. "What are her duties, may I ask?"

"She will be a maid, like others, though Anna has a long way to go." Sophia gently brushed over the small girl's shoulder in comforting motion.

"C...can I ask you something, your majesty?" Anna timidly chirped in her tiny voice.

"Sure, whatever you want."

"I heard you were a slave, before you became a queen. Is it true?"

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