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Born to rule ('Born to be a slave' sequel) By SBany Characters: 5463

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We slowly approached the city of Agra. As I peaked out the window, the same thick fog concealed the details of this large city, which I desperately wanted to see. My nervousness had been replaced with slight excitement. For the first time I have been let out of the house to see the real world. As the dusk was setting in, Agra appeared magical in my eyes. Distant lights from houses and street lamps were glowing like gigantic lights of fireflies, in between the thick fog covered streets.

I could tell, that most of the houses are in light colors, some made of darker bricks, many stories high, at the moment towering above our carriage and people that still roamed around. Some late autumn flowers decorated the sidewalks. I couldn't help, but gawk at the wonderful sight. I tried to imagine, how Agra would look like in the daytime, filled with abundance of sunlight.

"This is so pretty, Edmund." I got back in my seat.

He subtly smiled, but showed no particular interest in anything.

"Pretty? Hmmm... Rather annoying I would say. This city gets on my nerves." He grumbled.

I could guess, that it is related with the 'king' matters, rather than city itself.

"I will surely miss the summer house and the peaceful environment." He gazed into the distance, on the fading lights we passed by.

"I didn't know you love that place so much." I was surprised.

"I do. It is the only place, where everybody treats me as a normal nobleman and are leaving me alone and free of my duties."

"We will get through this, Edmund. I mean, somehow we will make it work for you, keep you happy and satisfied...... calm. That's all I need you to be. I wouldn't ask for more."

" optimistic... " he smiled again, but it emitted that feeling of sadness.

He had his own problems brewing in his heart, as well as I had my own. I understood, that nothing will be easy in our new life. I just hoped for the best.

The carriage proceeded to a much quieter part of the city, with less people and more free space. I peaked out again and instantly drew myself back inside. I was shocked of what I saw.

"Is it...? Is it our new home?" I swallowed hard.

Edmund nodded.

All I could see was a gigantic gate in front of us, with the same decorative carvings and sculptures as in Edmund's summer house, but on a whole new scale - much, much bigger. The wall around was as tall as the high story houses, couple of tall towers on each side and wast main building behind.

We got through the gates and I noticed guards. Their uniforms black as the night with golden decorative accents. Their serious faces told not to pass through them uninvited.

Edmund nudged me to get my attention back.

"Hey!" He said softly. "

You will have plenty of time to look around. Come outside, everybody is waiting for you and..... and I want to sleep badly." Edmund yawned, his eyes glassy with tiredness.

I was drawn back to reality, when I heard, that they are waiting for me. My heart was starting to beat in nervous excitement. What will I see? Who will I meat? So many questions swam through my mind.

As soon as I climbed out of our carriage, I was met with a man dressed similarly to the guards. He bowed deeply and motioned for me to go further. His body language was elegant and polite, but he didn't lift his eyes to even look at me. They were set down hard, as being afraid to burn himself, if setting his eyes on us. I stumbled by the sudden surprise, but Edmund managed to catch and support me in time.

My eyes were still glued on a young man - now left behind us.

Me and Edmund walked further down. The path was lined up with guards, further more with other members of staff and then a wide, tall double door.

Everything felt so overwhelming, that it was hard to take the many beautiful details of the castle or people surrounding us. I stayed glued to my husband's arm for extra support, so close, almost strangling him. My knees were getting weak and I feared I will fall.

Further more the line continued with servants and indoor workers. Countless maids in neat looking black uniforms, their eyes set down on their feet.

This troubled me greatly, why no one looked at us. I had not have a single eye contact, since I entered the castle. It almost felt like all these people are slaves and we are the ruthless masters.

We are their masters, but I didn't like this deep submission they all showed. Were they so oppressed and afraid?

One person caught my eye immediately. It was a small girl. Young, no more than ten years old. She wore the same kind of outfit as the rest of the maids.

My heart was pinched with guilt and sadness. I know it wasn't my fault she is here, but something made me feel very sorry for her. In some way she reminded me of myself, when I was young and worked for many nobles.

Her hair was light blond tied up neatly, clothing the same way. Like other maids, she did not look at me. Her chin was pressed hard against her upper chest, while her tiny fingers fumbled in front of her snow white apron.

We passed by her, but my eyes couldn't leave her form yet.

And then two bluish grey orbs reached my gaze. I inhaled sharply of the sudden surprise. Sadly it seemed to scare her, when as fast as lightening, her child like eyes shut down again. She seemed to be in the brink of crying, her body language emitting signs of nervousness and regret.

I prayed she doesn't get in trouble.

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