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   Chapter 42 Happy Birthday Ichi

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Riya's POV

It has been a few months since I started working in the community crisis center. It was a good thing that my friend's wife was a coordinator and that they were in need of one more staff. It felt good being with these people. People who were once hurt, pained and broken but are now trying to piece back their lives together.

I sent Jaja and my mom a message as soon as I got settled telling them not to worry, that I was doing ok and that I will be calling them one of these days. I still wasn't ready for their sermon. Life in New Orleans is quite laidback. That was one of the reasons I chose to "hide" here. Not to mention Carlo has somewhat cut all communication with our former classmates for unknown reasons, so there was a big possibility that no one would even think that I was here.

When I came to Carlo's house a 8 months ago and told him that I wanted to clear my head, he did not hesitate to help me and never really asked me why. So out of respect I did not dig deep into his reason of cutting off communications with our friends.

My job at the crisis center was simple, I get to talk to people, listen to them, share feelings and thoughts. This was to help them overcome the pain and move on. One of my favorite people to talk to was Sharika. On the outside she looked naive but once you get to talk to her, she had so much to share. Sharika is abused by her husband. Not physically but verbally and emotionally. He would taunt her, call her names and flaunt his mistresses in front of her but he never laid a hand on her. She endured all of those just for the sake of her daughter. If people ask her why she stays she always replies "I don't want my daughter to grow up without a dad."

At first I could not understand her logic. It's the

ight still be able to arrive on time. I promised Shin I would be back just in time for his birthday since I was not able to attend his last one he made me swear that I have to be there this time.

I wanted it to be a simple party but Kenji and his mom would not hear of it. They wanted a big celebration. Shin deserves it they said. I would have arrived earlier if not for a few stopovers I had to make. I wanted to give Shin the best birthday gift.

I arrived just in time for him to blow his cake.

I stood beside him and asked.

"What's your wish Shin?"

"It's always been the same Papa."

"Hmmm. So what is it?"

"You know it already." He said shyly.

"Yes, but I want you to say it out loud." I replied.

"Satoshi! If Shin says it out loud it's not going to come true. You know that." Hiro exclaimed.

"Maybe this time saying it out loud would make it come true." I said smiling as I motioned Shin to say his wish.

Shin closed his eyes and with his deepest desire said loudly.

"I wish Mama would come home!"

He opened his eyes and blew his candles just as the door opened.

He looked up and Shin smiled his biggest smile.

"Happy Birthday Ichi!"

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