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   Chapter 41 The list

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I was shocked to see him sitting on the lounge area of the airport. He said last night he wasn't going. How come he's here now?

"Hey you said you're not going." I asked as I approached him.

He turned to me with his brows furrowed but what caught my attention were his eyes. Has he been crying? Among the five of us he was the one with the strong personality.

"I thought you had something planned?" I asked again.

"It got cancelled." Was his short reply as I sat beside him.

"Oh ok. So are you up to meeting Riya's friend? I sent her a message about meeting after dinner."

"Yeah, yeah sure." He replied looking quite preoccupied with his phone.

"Rohan, are you ok?" I asked after we have settled on our assigned seats.

"Yeah I'm fine."

"You know you can talk to me."

"Kenji I'm ok no need to worry. We have a long flight ahead of us. We better sleep." He told me before closing his eyes.

We arrived in New York just in time for me to have dinner with the producers. I asked Rohan if he wanted to tag along but he opted out saying he needed to go to the gym. I told him that we'll just see each other after dinner for some drinks.

I sent Rinka a message regarding the plans.

From: Kenji

Subject: After Dinner


Hey Rinka! Can we meet around 9? I'm having dinner with a few friends and then we're headed to Little Branch at 7th Ave for some drinks. See you there.

My dinner with the producers ended a little late and Rohan has been messaging me that he was already at the bar.

I checked my phone and saw that Rinka's last message was she was at the bar already.

Traffic was horrendous and it took us more than an hour to reach the bar.

When I got to the bar, Rohan wasn't there. I tried calling him but he wasn't picking up. I tried Rinka but her phone was off.

I guess she got tired of waiting. I'll just give her a call tomorrow. I thought.

Early the next morning I received a message fro

He replied.

"Satoshi, are you sure about this? It could take you years to find her." Rohan said

"I don't care how long it's going to take me. I will find her and I will take her back." He said with determination.

"Ok, we could start here in Chicago there are a few people listed that are based here. We could start talking to them, but Satoshi, Rohan and I need to go back the day after tomorrow. Are you going to be fine here on you own?" I asked

"Don't worry Kenji, I'm going to be fine. Just please watch over and taker care of Shin. Tell him I'll be back in no time with his mom.

Satoshi's POV

I spent the past months traveling around the different states, talking to Riya's former classmates in the hope that she might have been in touch with them. All of my efforts were futile. She has neither visited them nor called them. I was so exhausted. Just as I was about to give up, a ray of hope appeared.

The last person I talked to informed me that she knows one other classmate that wasn't on the list Kenji gave me, but she wasn't sure if Riya would go there since they weren't really that close during Uni days. I thanked her as I she gave me the name, address and number of the person that I needed to see. This is my last hope. I prayed to God for miracle as I looked at the paper.

New Orleans.

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