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   Chapter 40 Getting help

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Satoshi's POV

I woke up at the sound of hotel phone ringing. Who could be calling me?

I looked at the time. 4:00 A.M.

"He…llo?" I sleepily answered.

"Hello Satoshi? We have a big problem." Jaja said from the other line.

I got up, took a quick shower and rushed down the lobby. I hailed a cab and told the driver where I was going.

Jaja was talking to Riya's mom on the phone when I got to their apartment.

She motioned me to sit while she listened to Riya's mom attentively.

"Yes auntie, I will try to contact all our friends and former classmates and check if Riya has gotten in touch with them. I'll update you as soon I have any information."

"Jaja what is going on?" I asked as soon as she hung up with Riya's mom.

"She's gone." She replied timidly.

"What do you mean she's gone?"

"She left again, here, read." She said shoving the piece of paper on the table.

Ja, I'm sorry, but I really need to go. I need to clear my head. I'll get in touch with you as soon as I've settled. Thank you for always understanding. Take care.


Not again. I thought. This can't be happening all over again.

"Ja, where could she possible go?"

"I don't know yet. But I have been getting in touch with some of our friends and classmates already. I told them to contact me as soon as Riya gets in touch with them. Riya's mom has also informed some of their friends and relatives."

"Wait let me call Kenji, there is a possibility that she might go there to see Shin." I said as I fished my phone out of my pocket and dialed Kenji's number.

"Kenji… did Riya call you today?" I asked.

"No. She hasn't called me ever since she left. Why?" He asked.

"She left again, I was hoping she might have contacted you." I replied.

"What? You lost her again? How many times do you have to lose her Satoshi?" He exclaimed not believing what he just heard.

"Kenji, please. This is not the time to go on blaming me again. I need your help. Please call the guys and ask them whether Riya has gotten in contact with them. Also could you check some of her stuff at home. I kept her stuff inside Shin's cabinet. It's on the top shelf. See if you can find some name or contacts. Also check with Aiko if Riya has gotten in touch with her." I said giving him instructions.

"Ok. I'll get in touch with you incase I find something." He promised before hanging up.

"Ja, why did she do this?"

"I don't know Satoshi. I could never really know what was going on inside that head of hers." She replied helplessly.

Kenji's POV.

The other guys were quite shocked when I asked them to meet me at Satoshi's house but did not hesitate to come.We may have disbanded as a group but we will always remain friends.

"Kenji, what are we doing here?" Rohan asked as he pulled up just as Hiro and Jirou arrived.

"Let's get inside first and I'll explain everything."

We gathered at the living room and I began to explain to them what the situation was.

"So you see we need to rummage through Riya's stuff and see if we might find a clue as to where she might be." I finished explaining.

"How many times does Satoshi have to lose her?" Rohan asked.

"That is exactly what I was thinking when he told me." I replied

"Well let's go and check that box. Wait, you go ahead. I'll call Aiko and ask her." Jirou said as Hiro, Rohan and I went to Shin's room.

We were in the middle if directing each item in the box when Jirou en

tered the room.

"She hasn't contacted Aiko, but I already told her to give us a call in case Riya shows up." He said as he joined us in rummaging through Riya's things.

"Wait here's a name." Hiro as as he flipped through one of Riya's notebooks.

"Where?" I asked

"Here." Hiro pointed out a name, address and number written at the back cover of the note book.

"Rinka Brielle Garcia, Dustin Drive New Jersey, 551 - 6316774." Rohan read.

"Well it's worth a shot." I said

We tried calling the number but there was no answer so I sent a text message instead.

Kenji: Hi! I'm Kenji, a friend of Riya Dominguez. Is it ok to give you a call. I have a few questions regarding Riya. Thanks.

A few minutes after I received a reply and we exchanged a few messages.

Rinka: Hi, I can't answer your call, I'm still at work. Call me in 5 minutes I'll take a break.

Kenji: Oh, I'm sorry for the disturbing you. Ok will do.

After 5 minutes I was on the phone with her.

"Hi Rinka I'm really sorry for calling all of a sudden but I just want to know if Riya has been in touch with you?" I began.

"Uhmmm. No, she haven't. Why?" She asked

"Well she's been somewhat missing and we are trying all the leads we can to find her."

"Oh… I didn't know. We actually haven't been in touch for quite a while. We had a misunderstanding before I left Manila." He said in a soft voice.

"I see, does she have any other friends or classmates that she might run to." I asked.

"We have a few former classmates here scattered in different states, others are in Europe but I don't really know if she has contacted them or not."

"Is it possible if we could get their names, addresses and phone numbers?"

"Sure but I can't give it to you right know since I would need to ask permission from them if it is ok to give it."

"We could wait, if it is ok with you, I'm leaving for the States tomorrow, is is possible to meet up?" I asked

"Sure, where do you want to meet?"

"I see that you live in New Jersey, are you ok with meeting up with me in New York? I just need to meet with some people there."

"Ok that would be fine. When do you plan to meet?"

" Three days from now, we're leaving Japan tomorrow. Oh and don't worry we'll book you in a hotel."

"That won't be necessary, Jersey is just a bridge away."

"Please let us, it's the least we can for the inconvenience."

" Ok, but you really need not do it."

"It's fine, I'll message you the name of the hotel and Rinka, Thank you." I said before hanging up.

"So what did she say?" Rohan asked.

"Riya has not been in contact with her for a long time but she will try to get us the names of their former classmates and friends. That's why I'm leaving for the US tomorrow. I'll just need to meet up with a producer and then I can go and talk to Rinka, after that I can go to Chicago and help Satoshi. You can tag a long if you want to." I told them.

"I can't. I'm bringing Kai to the vet tomorrow for his surgery." Hiro said.

"Me too, I'm looking for a new apartment. Anna's having trouble climbing the stairs. She's getting heavier each day." Jirou said beaming.

"How far along is she anyway." Hiro asked.

"7 months." He replied

"What about you Rohan?" I asked

"Nope, it's our anniversary tomorrow and I have something prepared." He said smiling.

"Well, I guess it's just me then." I said as we locked Satoshi's house and went on our separate ways.

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