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   Chapter 38 Gatecrasher

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Riya's POV

I stared at my reflection once more before letting out a heavy sigh as I sat at the end of the bed and put on my shoes.

I have to talk to Kyle tonight. I have to come clean. I thought.

I know it is unfair on his part. He has been nothing but considerate and it is not right that I keep something like this from him. Tonight, I'm going to tell him everything.

Kyle looked dapper in his suit. He smiled, kissed me and led me to the car.

"Why did we have to dress up? I thought we're only having dinner." I asked as we drove off

"Yes but… "

"But what?"

"You'll see it's a surprise. " he said not taking his eyes off the road.

We stopped in front of the Chicago Stock Exchange, I turned to Kyle with a questioning look.

"This is where we're having dinner?" I asked.

"He just shrugged his shoulder and smiled as he handed the valet his keys.

"Kyle wait, we need to talk." I began, sensing something is about to happen.

"Riya, it's fine. We're just having dinner." He said smiling as we entered the elevator and proceeded to the 40th floor.

I know this place.

This is the favorite restaurant of Kyle's dad. This is where he announced he was running as governor and this is where he had his victory party as well.

Everest, has been part of every major event in Kyle's family. The chef/owner is a good friend of his dad. And us having dinner here is a sign that whatever is taking place is of significant importance.

We were ushered to one of the private dining rooms with Kyle's arm securely at my waist.

As we entered the dining room, Kyle and I were greeted with congratulations. We were making our way to our table when I saw Jaja waving at me from one of the tables. I excused myself and hurriedly went to her.

"Jaja, what is going on here?" I asked.

"I don't know either. Your mom called me yesterday and told me that we're attending this dinner tonight. And Riya there's some…"Jaja answered but was cut off when Kyle arrived.

" Hey Jaja I'm glad you are able to make it tonight, but I have to take your friend away from you first." He said.

"Kyle what's going on? Who are these people?" I asked as he ushered me to my seat.

He did not answer me instead he just squeezed my hand and faced front just in time as his father was greeting everyone in attendance.

"Excuse me, May I have everyone's attention." Kyle's father began.

" As all of you know, this is my last term as Governor of our beautiful state and it is my honor and great privilege to inform all of you that my son, Kyle, has agreed to continue our legacy of serving the wonderful people of Illinois. He has agreed to run in the next election as Governor." His father proudly said.

I turned to Kyle waiting for him to give me some answers but he just kissed me, stood up and joined his father in front.

"Thank you Dad for the introduction and thank you everyone for coming tonight. However, this night is not just about me or about the political party or about continuing our family's legacy. Tonight is about service. Serving the people of Illinois the best way I can. I took me a long time to decide whether to accept this or not as I have not been really inclined to join the police arena. However, after a while of working in a hospital, I can only do so much. I can only help the people who come in through our doors, I thought there must be another way to extend my help to a much larger scale, that is what I decided to accept this challenge." Kyle began.

Listening to him, he sounded like a politician already. There was no trace of the timid Kyle that I feel in love with, but I

looked at him and he was beaming with so much pride and joy.

"And as you all know, I will not be serving you alone. If given the chance and I am granted that opportunity, I am proud to have someone beside me who understands my drive to help, who will be there with me when I make good of my promise to the people." He continued.

He stood up and walked towards me. Took my hand and lead me to the front.

"If I will be given the chance too serve you as governor, I am proud to have this woman by my side as my first lady. My love, my bride and my future wife Riya."


Everyone turned around to see who shouted.

My eyes widened as I saw the person walking towards us.

"Excuse me?' Kyle asked.

"That will never happen." He repeated.

"Who are you and what are you talking about. This is a private party." Kyle said.

"Who am I? Why don't you ask your so-called bride who I am?" He said nodding to my direction.

"Riya, what is this? Who is he?" Kyle asked me.

At that very moment, I could not get the words out of my mouth. It was as if I dry swallowed a large pill. I wanted the ground to split open so it could swallow me whole. The nerve of this guy to just come here and ruin everything.

"Riya?…" Kyle asked.

"To save you the trouble, here." He said handing Kyle a piece of paper.

Kyle read what was on it and looked at me.

"Is this true?" He asked

"What is going on?" His father asked as he went near Kyle and took the paper out of his hands. He read what was written and looked at me waiting for some answers.

"What is the meaning of this?" He asked me again.

"It means your son cannot marry her as she is STILL married to me." He replied.

"No, no, no, that's not possible. That is a fake." Kyle said not believing what was unfolding.

"What? She's married and she still wants to marry Kyle? I told you right from the start Victor that she is not going to be good for our son but you did not listen to me. What will happen now? Oh the shame our family will have to face." Kyle's mom was hysterical.

"This can't be. Riya tell me this isn't true." Kyle said.

"I… Kyle… I… I'm sorry." I said

"What? No, no, no, you should have told me. Wait we can still fix this. You could get a divorce."

"And what makes you think I'm going to agree?" Satoshi asked.

"I will never sign. I am here to get my wife back. My son, our son needs his mother." He added.

" You lied to me? Made a fool of me? You said yes when I asked you to marry me when in fact you are still married." I could see the angry beginning to show in Kyle's face.

"Kyle, I did not mean to. I only found out I was married when I went to Japan. I did not remember." I tried to explain.

"That is complete and utter bullshit!"

"No Kyle, that's the truth. Riya has had selective amnesia. She got her memories back while she was in Japan." Jaja said coming to my side.

"No. That's not possible."

"You are a doctor Kyle, you know this is possible. Before we came here, Riya was in a car accident that left her comatose for 3 weeks. I know because I was with her during that time." She continued explaining.

"Kyle please, let me handle this." I pleaded.

"Why didn't you tell me when you got back. Why did you have to wait for everything to be set for the wedding?" He asked

"I was waiting for the right time." I replied.

"Really? So when is the right time?"

"Kyle please. Listen to me, let me explain."

" I don't think I will be able to believe anything you are going to say." Kyle said as he took one last look at me and stormed out of the restaurant.

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