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   Chapter 36 The Plan

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I wanted to hug and kiss Hiro upon hearing what he said. He was right. Technically, Riya is still my wife so that means she can't marry whoever that bigshot doctor is.

"Hiro, you are finally using your head." Rohan exclaimed hugging him.

"So does this mean our problem is solved?" Hiro asked.

"Not quite. Riya still does not want you back. How do you think will you solve that one? Jaja asked.

The five of us looked at Jaja confused and before anyone of us can say a word she added, "You have to do whatever it is you did before when she agreed to marrying you. Just don't promise her anything. Prove to her that you are worth taking back. That you will be worth the risk. Satoshi, you have to do the extraordinary for her to say yes to you again. How you may ask? I do not know myself but it must be something that will move her. I'm staying for 2 more days then I'll be going back to Chicago. I'll give you our address, you come up of a plan. I'll back you up when you get there. No, don't bring Shin yet. You have to do this on your own." Jaja said

"Guys I think I have a plan." Jirou said

We all looked at him.

"This is not going to be easy and the decision would not rest on Satoshi alone. This must be a group decision." He began

"Why do I get a very bad feeling abou

told her that I wanted to watch the cherry blossoms with her. She remembered." I said

"Are you sure?" Jaja asked again

"Yes. She remembers us."

We all turned to the person who owned the voice.

Kenji looked up and smiled.

"She did remember. I don't know how, but at the airport… I knew she remembered." Kenji said

"Oh God, this is getting very interesting. So you guys are willing to take the risk? " Jaja asked.


Jirou, Hiro and I chorused.

"What about you two?" Jaja asked Kenji and Rohan.

"We are a group right? Where one goes, we all go. What ever one of us decides we support." Kenji replied

All of us turned to Rohan waiting for him to say something.


"Well what about you?" Kenji asked him.

"That's a stupid question. Of course where you go I go! So how are we going to go about this." He said smiling.

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