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   Chapter 35 What now

Tell Me How You Lost Me By RisakoIsabel Characters: 5652

Updated: 2018-11-02 20:01

Riya's POV

The minute I entered the departure area, the tears I was holding back were already coursing down my cheeks.

How could have I forgotten? I asked myself.

A lot questions flooded my mind as I dazedly walked towards the tunnel leading to the plane.

As I sat on my assigned seat, I stared at the clouds outside of the plane's window and thought, three years.

Three years of lost memories.

Memories that I would never be able to take back.

My heart ached as I thought of my son's heartbroken face. How he pleaded for me stay. How he screamed and reached out for me, not wanting to let go.

Then it hit me.

It was all Satoshi's fault. He made me forget.

Satoshi's POV

I continued to stare at the departure area hoping that any minute she would come out of it.

I was in denial.

I wanted her to stay. I wanted us to be a family.

"Satoshi, let's go" Kenji said as he tapped my shoulder.

"Kenji, wait, she might…" I was hopeful.

"Satoshi, she's gone. Let's go, the press are closing in on us." It was Jirou.


"Let's go Satoshi, the plane has already departed." Kenji said

"But… I can't give up. I can't disappoint Shin." I replied.

"We're not saying that you would give up. I think it's enough for today. Let's go home and rest. Then tomorrow, we're going to talk about it and think of how we are going to solve this." Rohan said as he led me towards the parking lot.

"What if I go after her? What if I bring Shin? Maybe she would reconsider." I said.

"Satoshi, let her be for the moment. Your friends are right. You need to think this through first. As much as I want to tell you that you deserve it, I think you've had enou

shot celebrity here in Japan but the guy she's marrying is also a big shot from where we're from. Kyle's the son of the Governor and their engagement has been allover the papers. So if you plan on taking her back, we, yes we, need a solid and fool proof plan." Jaja said with sincere concern in her eyes.

"So what do we do? Remember that Riya and her fiancé is not the only problem we are facing. We have the management and the fans to deal with as well." Rohan reminded.

"Uhmmm guys…." Hiro interrupted raising his hand in the process.

"You have a plan?" Kenji asked.

"Why is it such a big problem? Can't Satoshi just take Riya back?" Hiro asked.

"Hiro! Weren't you listening? Riya is engaged and if breaking off an engagement with a Governor's son who also happens to be one of Chicago's famous thoracic surgeon is not enough, Riya does not seem to want to get back with Satoshi." Jaja replied.

"Well, I think Satoshi can still take her back even if she is engaged." Hiro said

"And how is that a possible?" Jirou asked

"Well, legally Riya is still married to Satoshi." Hiro replied matter of factly.

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