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   Chapter 32 The real me

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Satoshi's POV

"You know what? If you had done that to me… You wouldn't be alive right now." Jaja commented as I finished narrating.

I did not say anything I just stared at Riya as she stroked Shinichi's hair while he slept on her lap.

"I could not believe you actually did that. To think I had a different image of you." Jaja added.

"I know what I did was wrong…" I began.

"Wrong? It's more than wrong. It's absurd. Horrible. Mortifying. Abominable. Atrocious. Dreadful. Pathetic. God, I could add more but I'm running out of words." Jaja shrieked.

"Riya…" I called out to her. She wasn't looking at me. She continued to brush Shin's hair with her fingers.

"Riya…" I called again. She looked up. Her eyes met mine. There was something in her eyes.


"Say something."

"What do you want me to say?" She asked.

"Say you're not leaving us again. Say you're staying." I replied.


"Why?" I returned the question.

"Why? We're your family. Shin needs you. I need you..." the last sentence was more of a whisper.

"From what I've heard, you don't need me..." She replied

"You do remember?" I asked excited.

"No I don't." She answered before going back to stroking Shin's hair.


"But what Satoshi?"

"You belong with us. With Shin, with me..."

"I belong to no one." Her reply was stiff.

"Riya... Shin waited his entire life for you to come home..."

" Why are you so concerned about him? You didn't want him right?" She asked

"She's right. How did Shin end up with you anyway? You gave Shin back to him? After everything he's done?" Jaja said trying to talk to both Satoshi and Kenji at the same time.

"He took him back... when he realized Riya was not coming back. I told him that she'll never come back not unless he learns to accept Shin." Kenji explained.

"You mean he just took Shin back just because you told him Riya's coming back to him if he accepts Shin? How low is that?" Jaja said

"No. That's not just it. We whacked some sense into his brain. Well we actually talked to his parents and the Management... all four of us were willing to risk going public with what has happened if he did not take Shin back. Plus who could resist Shin? He may look like his dad but his brain, he definitely got from his Mom." Jirou added.

"Riya… listen to me, I do regret everything. I admit I was an ass. No amount of explanation is going to compensate for what I've done to you, but I'm begging you come home, p

t that moment… that moment wasn't meant to last…" She said.

"Riya… stop saying those things… please come home… your life is with us …"

"I can't."


"I don't remember you. I don't remember any of these… I don't remember how it feels…"

"Riya… please… if you don't remember then, we'll start anew."

"I can't."

"Why can't you?"

"I don't want to live a life I have no memory of."

"But… Riya… Shin… he needs you…"

"I admit, there's something about your son that I can't quite seem to understand. I felt so connected with him but I still don't remember."

"Riya… please…"

"Stop it… Please…" she pleaded.

"I'm tired… can we go to sleep now… I need to leave early…" She added.



Jaja and the five guys chorused.

"I'm going home tomorrow."

"Wait… what do you mean… you're going home… I just got here." Jaja asked

" You can stay if you want Ja, I want to go home. This is stressing me out." She replied.

" But… but… but…"

"No more buts Ja, you can stay as long a you want, you do need a vacation."

"But Riya… Shin… he…" Kenji began.

" The sooner I leave the sooner he's going to get over the hurt."

"I'm not going to beg you to stay. You're right. It's your life. You decide. But couldn't you at least stay just until Shin's birthday next week?" Kenji added.

"If stay any longer, then he would just have a hard time letting go." She replied.

"Where are we sleeping? Shin's heavy. I'm having cramps." She added trying to break the uncomfortable silence that has enveloped the entire room.

"Let me help you." I said as I stood up and carried Shin towards their room with Riya following us.

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