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   Chapter 31 Broken

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I felt my entire being shatter at those words. I slowly got up and walked towards the door. I stopped for an instant, listened to the moans that was excruciating to hear one last time before finally closing the door behind me.

I was wandering the streets of Tokyo aimlessly pondering on what just happened when my phone began to ring.

"Riya? Where are you?" Kenji's mom asked from the other end of the line.

"On my way home." I lied.

"I see. Hurry. We're having hot pot for dinner. Kenji's early today, he's already playing with Shinichi."

" Ok. I'm on my way."

I had no idea how I got home, but I know I had to put on a happy face despite everything that I had seen.

Dinner was great as usual. Kenji's mom was telling everybody the different "tricks" Shinichi's been able to do. I tried to fake a smile and acted interested, but deep inside my mind was pre-occupied with the events earlier.

"Riya… are you ok?" Kenji asked as he handed me a cup of coffee while we headed towards the terrace.

"Huh? What?"

"You seemed to be pre-occupied since dinner, no since you got home. Usually when mom tells us something about Shinichi, you'd be really interested." He replied.

"I was interested."

"No you weren't. You were just smiling and nodding like an idiot."

I fell silent.

"What's wrong? What happened?" He asked.

I looked at him straight in the eye. Tears were now welling up.

"Riya what is it?"

"Kenji…" I began but could not bring myself to finish the sentence. I just hugged him real tight.

"Riya... that's enough… tell me what's wrong…"


"Ok… if you don't want to talk about it… you don't have to…"

"Kenji…" I began as I let go.


"I… saw him…" I said looking Kenji in the eye.

"Where?" he knew who I was talking about.

"In… in the apartment… I'm sorry… I've been going there ever since… I was hoping I'd find him back home…"



airport, tears were falling non-stop.

I was queuing to get my ticket when I heard a commotion. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar profile.

I walked towards the group of people, media I suppose, basing from their cameras. I squeezed in a bit to see what was going.

At that moment I wished I had not been curious but it was too late.

There he was right in front of me, his arm wrapped around her waist as she was smiling proudly. The look on his face changed when our eyes met, when he opened his mouth, the words that came out seemed like daggers slowly piercing my heart.

"Mariko and I are going out… well you can say that we're an item… and this is not just for publicity… I mean... it's real… I've never loved someone like I love her now…" he said with conviction, not taking his eyes off me…

I took one last look at him as he kissed her, cameras began to flash everywhere, I took a step back, turned around and walked. Not knowing where I was headed.

Before I knew it I was on the plane silently crying the pain I was feeling. I do not even remember where I was headed until the flight attendant announced.

"The fasten seat belt sign is on… Please fasten your seatbelts now as we approach our final descent towards Manila International Airport."

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