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   Chapter 30 Not what I wanted to see

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Riya's POV

I looked at each of the guys faces as Rohan was explaining why it was so important that I stay at Kenji's house. I scanned the room hoping to see one more familiar face.

"He's not coming." A small voice from behind said.

"I know that…" I replied as I faced him.

"Riya… I know deep inside you want him to be here but I doubt that it's ever gonna happen. For now, why don't you just focus on Shinichi."


"Kenji's right Riya, we're here if you need us. There's nothing to worry about." Rohan added.

"Does he know?" I asked.

The four guys looked at each other before Jirou answered.

"He was here just a few hours ago."

"He was?!"

"Before you get too excited about it, he did not want to be here. Rohan just dragged him to come." Kenji said.

"Kenji… don't." Jirou said trying to stop him from saying more.

"She has to know Jirou. She has to know what an ass he has been. Yes, he was here but not after Rohan tricked him into coming. He did not even want to see his own son. He was more concerned about his fishing trip than seeing his son and asking about how his wife is. Now tell me Riya, do you still want him here.?"

" Yes..." I replied silently.

Kenji sighed in frustration. I guess he just gave up to the fact that I would still want Satoshi to be here with me.

The awkward silence was broken when the nurse entered the room carrying Shinichi.

"Uwaaahhh… He's here… Riya… Shinichi's here…" Hiro- shrieked excitedly.

"Hiro! Stop shouting. You'll wake him up."

As the nurse handed me little bundle wrapped in sheets, mixed emotions started to fill in. There was pain, anger, pity, happiness. The pain was more on the physical side. The anger I was feeling was directed at my self. I was angry because I had not done much to avoid what has happened. Pity was for my son. Not being able to give him the family that he deserves, not being to feel the love a father should be giving him, not being able to feel his dad's warmth. But despite all of those, my happiness was profound. I was happy that there were these four guys sharing this special moment with me and my son. Four people trying to compensate what could been given by just one. I was moved by their concern, more so the fact that they were risking too much just by being here.

"Guys… arigatou…"

"Riya… It's ok. As I've said there's nothing to worry." Rohan replied.

" It's the least we can do for what you've been through" he added

"What's important right now is that you and Shinichi are taken cared of." Jirou added.

"My mom and

in disgust as she straddled him naked. Their bodies gyrating in unison. She stopped for a moment when she realized I was watching them.

"… don't… stop…" he pleaded.

"But…" she began to reason.

"Don't mind her… go on…" he said as our eyes met.

His stare was cold.

"I'm sorry…" I softly said as I slowly closed the door.

My mind tried to comprehend what just happened. I wanted make myself believe that it was just a nightmare, but hearing their moans become louder and louder confirmed that is was in fact real.

I was sitting on the sofa still trying to make up alibis for what was happening when the bedroom door opened.

He was half naked as he walked towards me. He sat beside me silently as if waiting for me to rant on him. No words were coming from me except for the occasional sniffs.

"It's your fault you know… you should have knocked." He finally broke the silence.

"Sorry…" I replied softly.

"What are you doing here anyway? Aren't you living with Kenji now?" He asked as he lit a cigarette.

" I… I… was…" I stammered.

Before I could even finish my answer, the bedroom door opened. She stood by the door draped only in sheets.

"Satoshi… what's taking you so long? I thought you told her to leave… come back inside… we're not done yet…"

"I was just about to get back in…" he replied as he stood up.

" Go. There's nothing for you here anymore. Lock the door when you leave." He said as he walked back towards the bedroom.

" Oh and by the way… before you're rather embarrassing surprise appearance, I was just telling Mariko that she was the best one I've ever had... you're nothing compared to her… nothing…" he said as he closed the bedroom room behind him.

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