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   Chapter 28 Twisted reasoning

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Kenji's POV

My whole body was shaking in anger as I walked towards the direction of Satoshi's house. I did not even notice that it was actually 4 blocks away from the apartment. At that very moment my entire being was immersed in deep anger.

My anger was so intense that I did not realize I was taking it out on the doorbell.

"Just a minute." I heard a woman's voice call from inside.

The door creaked a little as it opened.

"Ah Kenji, what brings you here?" Satoshi's mom asked.

"Good evening auntie. Sorry for coming unannounced. Is Satoshi in?" I replied.

"Yes. He's just starting to eat his dinner. Come in." She invited.

"It's ok auntie. Is it ok if I borrow Satoshi for a while?" I said trying to contain my anger.

" Ok… but weren't you together the entire day already?" She asked again looking puzzled.

"Ah yes. But I forgot to tell him something."I lied.

" Ok. I just don't understand the two of you. You seem not to get enough of each other lately. Are you sure you don't want to come in?" she asked again.

" I'm fine auntie. I'll just wait for him here outside." I lied again.

The reason why I did not want to come in was I wasn't sure how his parents would take it if I just came in and hit their son in front of them. Plus I was sure they know nothing about Riya.

The door creaked once more and the anger that was I was feeling began to heighten as I saw Satoshi's face.

Everything happened so fast. The next thing I knew he was down on the pavement wondering what in world just happened. I never knew I had all that strength inside me.

"Kenji… what was that for?" He asked looking confused as he stood up, holding the side of his face where I had hit him.

You had to give it to Satoshi. If I had did that to the three other guys, they would have retaliated faster than lighting. But, Satoshi just stood up calmly.

I did not answer his question. I grabbed his arm and literally dragged him towards the direction of the apartment.

"Kenji… wait… what's going on?

I did not answer. I just continued to drag him not mindful of the people who were giving us strange looks as we passed by them.

"You were asking what's going on? That is what's going on!" I screamed as I pushed him onto the sofa when we reached the apartment.

Satoshi looked at the direction where I was pointing.

Riya was sitting on the other end of the sofa looking scared while trying to protect the visible bump on her stomach.

"Kenji… please… don't…" Riya began to plead.

"Don't what Riya? Don't hit him? I'm sorry but I already did." I replied as I continued to glare at Satoshi.

"Kenji… let him explain." Rohan said, which was so unusual of him. I had expected him to be the first one to react violently. But I was seeing a different side of him. He was calm. Maybe because he did not want to add to Riya's stress.

"What's he got to explain Rohan? It's clear isn't it? This idiot here got Riya pregnant and left her alone to tend for herself. He never even had the courage to tell us what was going on. And he calls us his friends. All the while I though he had matured when he stood against us and married Riya.

. I won't be able to relax thinking that you are alone here and that something bad might happen to you."

"Kenji… really, I'm going to be fine." I assured him.

" Riya, don't tell me you're still hoping that this moron's going come back one day and embrace you and your baby with open arms? Didn't you hear him? He does not want the baby. There's no use in waiting."

"Didn't you know? Patience is a virtue." I replied smiling.

"Patience is. Stupidity isn't." he shout back sarcastically.

"Kenji… I know you're concerned and I appreciate it, but as I've said, I don't want to be a burden. I'm fine. Plus your house is far from my work." I said.


"No buts Kenji… please…"

"Ok. But promise me, I'll be the first person you'll call if anything happens and I mean anything." Kenji said in resignation.

" I promise." I replied softly.

"I see everything is in order and I believe you won't be needing me. I'm leaving then." Satoshi said out of the blue his face now masked with anger.

"Sorry. we forgot you were still there, it's ok you can go now. Nobody needs you." Kenji mocked him.

Satoshi glared at him before turning to face me to say, " I'm leaving." With that, he turned around and headed towards the door.

"Satoshi… wait…" I called.

" What do you want?"

" Can we talk?"

"What's there to talk about?"

" A lot. You, me, the baby…" I began

"If this concerns that thing, there's nothing to talk about. I made my decision, you made yours. You want the baby then you can have it. I don't want anything to do with that." He replied angrily.

" Satoshi… please… he's your baby…" I begged as I held onto his hand.

"I told you before and I'm telling you again. I don't want it. Now let me go." He said with finality as the door behind him slammed.

If those words could kill I would have died that instant but it wasn't the words that hurt, there was pain, but it wasn't in my heart. It was in my tummy. I looked down and saw blood coursing down my legs. I wrapped both arms around my stomach and called out with the last strength I had…

"Kenji…. Help…."

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