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   Chapter 27 Her secret

Tell Me How You Lost Me By RisakoIsabel Characters: 5678

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Almost 6 months had past since that incident. Things seemed to be back to normal. The guys and I had a series of concerts all over Japan and even in the neighboring countries, not to mention the drama I was doing and the TV Jirouws. I was driving myself to the edge just so I could forget about that incident.

Today was an unusually light day for us. We ended really early. And as always since the studio was near the house I was to be dropped off first.

" Mr. Driver, drop me off the next block will you?" I said.

"Satoshi, this isn't the way to your house." Hiro commented.

" I'm going to my parents." I replied.

"You've been going to your parents lately. Is everything ok?" Jirou asked from behind.

"Yup…" I lied.

I thought everything was fine but I did not realize that there were two pairs of eyes suspiciously watching me as I stepped out of the van.

Rohan's POV

"Kenji…" I whispered to the person beside me whom I thought was sleeping.

"Yeah?" he quickly replied.

"It seems to be happening again."


"Satoshi." I replied

"You noticed it too huh?" He asked me.

"Yeah. It seemed to be happening quite often."

"I asked him yesterday if it was ok to spend the night in their house since I wanted Riya to help me go through with some of lines which is in English. He said no, but what was strange was when I said I might just give Riya a call he went berserk and told me not to call Riya. I wanted to hit him but I let it go thinking he was just stressed with work. But now I am convinced that something is really wrong."

"What do you say we try to investigate?" I suggested.

"That was what I was about to suggest. Let's get off on the next

at Satoshi seems to be going to his parents house almost everyday for the past few months. We thought of the same reason in the beginning but it's been happening for almost 6 months now and…"

"Rohan… stop…" Riya pleaded silently.

Both of us stared at Riya who was still staring at the window.

"But Riya…" Kenji began.

"Like you've said. This is our lives. Whatever's happening is between me and Satoshi. Just as long it does not affect you guys or the Management, then I think there's nothing to worry about." She said.

" Riya please hear us out. We're just…" Kenji stopped halfway through his sentence, his expression changed as he faced Riya. The concern that was rarely seen in Kenji's face was immediately transformed into anger.

" Kenji… NO!" Riya panicked as she held on to Kenji's arm.

"Rohan, stay with her. Don't leave her." He commanded as he removed his arm from Riya's grip.

"Why?" I asked as I watch him walk hurriedly out of the door.

"Just don't leave her." He called out one last time before hearing the main door close with a bang. I walked towards Riya and as she faced me, I understood.

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