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   Chapter 21 Getting Married

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Her answer was unfinished but I did not mind. I eased her head a little bit more to make her comfortable.

I held her hand as I stared outside the bus' window. Although uncertainty was my dominant emotion during that time, the excitement however was more apparent. She was right. Today was unusual indeed. Unusual in a lot of ways, not that I'm complaining or anything but I think this day is the most unusual day of my life.

Come to think about it, it is more unusual for her. She agreed to marry me just like that. Though she questioned what my real intentions were, she said yes in the end. She knew the risks and troubles she will have to go through but she still agreed.

I glanced outside the window once more. It was getting darker.

"We should be at her hotel in 10 minutes." I said to myself.

I was about to wake her up when I felt my phone vibrate.

"Kenji…" I said seeing the name that registered.

"Hai." I said as I answered.

"Satoshi? Where are you?" He asked.

"Why?" I asked in return.

"Let's drink! My treat!" He said sounding pathetic.

"Why?" I asked again.

"I just want to have a drink with you. And did I mention it's my treat?" He replied.

"Yes you did. But what I want to know is why. Why are you suddenly so keen on treating me for a drink? The Miser does not usually go and treat people out of the blue." I said in a mocked voice.

"Shut up. So are you up for it? Are you at home? I'm in the neighborhood I be there in about 5 minutes." He said sounding really desperate.

"Kenji… sorry… I can't."

"And why? why? why?"

"I'm not at home and I'm in the middle of something. Why don't you ask Hiro or Rohan or Jirou?"

"Hiro's is busy with helping out in the dog pound, Rohan's having dinner with his sister and Jirou is taking art lessons. Wait what do you mean you can't? And what's that "in the middle of something"? Are doing something perverted?" He probed.

"PERVERTED!? Idiot! Of course not. It's something you won't understand." I replied defensively.

"Satoshi? Where are you?" He asked again this time a little more serious.

"Somewhere… I got to go… bye bye…" I replied in a hurry as I flipped my phone close.

My phone began to vibrate again. Seeing that it was Kenji, I decided to turn it off since I know that he's not gonna stop until he gets answer. He's becoming more and more investigative lately. Maybe that's because these past few weeks, he's been hanging out with Hiro.

"Riya… wake up. We're near." I said softly as we were nearing the bus stop.


"We're about to get off." I said

"Ah. Ok." She replied.

She began to straighten her shelf and tried to remove her hand from my grasp in the process.

"Don't." I said as I tightened my grasp.

After getting off the bus stop, we walked towards her hotel which was just a block away.

"I'll pick you up around 8 tomorrow ok?" I said when we reached the hotel.

"Can't we really make it 10?" She said.

"No…" I replied sheepishly.

"Ok … 8:00 then. But let me remind you, you need to buy me breakfast, lunch, dessert and snacks in between." She shot

." The guy replied.

"What are we going to do now? Where are we going to look for witnesses?" I asked as panic was starting to escalate.

"Wait. I'll be back in a few minutes." He said a he rushed out of the office.

"Satoshi… where are …." I was not able to finish my sentence as the door of the room closed with a bang.

Satoshi came back a few minutes later bringing in with him an old woman and a guy in a chef's uniform.

"Ok. Here's our witness now can you marry us?" he asked the guy in between catching his breath.

"Satoshi… where did you…" I began to ask.

"Later. Let's get married first." He cut me off.

"Ahmmm… are you ok with this?" the guy who's supposed to marry us asked.

"What do you mean? Is there a problem?" Satoshi asked back.

"No… no… what I mean is, are you ok getting married wearing just that?" He asked pointing at our "outfits" which consists of jeans, shirts and sneakers.

"Yeah we're ok. Now can you marry us?" Satoshi replied sounding a little impatient.

"Ok." The guy replied shaking his head in disbelief.

The 'ceremony' was quick and straight forward. All we did was hand to to the clerk our application for marriage.

"Well since you're the last couple I'll be marrying today, I'll give you the opportunity to say your vows. This is quite unusual but what the heck. You first." He said before addressing Satoshi.

"Ehh?" he said surprised.

"Go on… say our vows." The guy prodded.

"What am I supposed to say?" Satoshi asked him again.

"Whatever you want to say. You're the one getting married not me."

"Well it's my first time to get married, how should I know what to say?" He reasoned out.

"Just say anything you want to say to her." I guy answered.

"Ahmm… Riya… ehhh… ah…. Good Luck!"

"That's it?" the guy asked not believing what he just heard.

"Yes, that's all. Riya, your turn." He said turning to me.

"Ha?! Ahmmm… ahh… Goodluck?!!!" I replied.

"You both are weird… Anyway congratulations." The guy said before leaving the room.

That day I officially became Mrs. Satoshi Shibata.

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