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   Chapter 16 Am I dreaming

Tell Me How You Lost Me By RisakoIsabel Characters: 12106

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Riya's POV

That was a nice dream. It was so real. Jirou and Satoshi were right in front of me. I thought.

I was smiling as I slowly opened my eyes while still trying to remember the dream I had.

I was trying to focus my eyes when I caught sight of the unfamiliar surrounding. This wasn't my hotel room. I was sure of it. The walls weren't taupe. There's no big antique-ish lampshade on the bedside table, the room was surrounded with a lot of mirrors and most of all I was not sleeping on a bed. I was sleeping on a couch.

I quickly got up only to be more surprised that it was not a blanket that was covering me. It was a blue bathrobe. This is wrong. Most hotels don't have blue robes, it's usually white with the hotel's name or logo embroidered in it. Where was I? I wanted to scream but held my self back. What if I was kidnapped? I Jirouok my head silently. No!!! I can't be. Who would even think of kidnapping me? I'm no Paris Hilton nor was I a big shout movie star.

I scanned the room once more. There were a lot of clothes hanging on a rack. Different shoes were scattered on the floor along with some bags. The TV was on and it was showing some kind of concert. I was about to move closer to the TV when I heard footsteps. I quickly got back on the couch and pretended to be asleep.

Satoshi's POV

"Whew. That was amazing. 3 encores!" Hiro said as the five of us entered the dressing room.

"Yeah. It was awesome. Next stop… Osaka." Jirou added.

"Let's celebrate! Who's up for a drink?" Rohan asked.

"Count me out. I need to go home. My mom wants me to help her with something." Kenji said as he was gathering his things.

"That's a lame alibi Kenji. You just want to go home so you can finish your game. All of us are going home tomorrow… together." Jirou said.

"What about you Satoshi?... Satoshi?" Hiro asked.

"Huh?" I was kneeling beside the couch watching Riya sleep.

"Oh yeah… There's the question of what are you going to do with her?" Jirou said as he walked towards me.

"Well, I was hoping you guys could help me out." I replied as I turned to face the four of them.

"No way! I don't want to get involved." Kenji immediately protested.

"Satoshi, you still haven't told us how you ended up with her." Satoshi asked pointing at Riya.

I took the canvass out and showed it to the four of them.

"WOW! When did you do this?" Hiro asked as he looked at the painting more closely.

"I agree. It makes you feel like you are actually there." Jirou added.

"Who's that girl?" Kenji asked pointing at the canvass.

"Her." I said nodding towards Riya who was still sleeping on the couch.

"Ok. I get it. That's her, but still how did you end up bringing her here?" Rohan asked again.

I narrated to the guys the entire story. From the time I first saw her to the sneaking out in the afternoon up until the time I finally took off my disguise. No one asked any questions while I was talking. Well Hiro did try to ask but was stopped by Kenji in mid-sentence.

"So that's the whole story so far." I said finishing my narration.

"Ok we get it. Now what? What are we going to do with her?" Rohan asked as the five of us watched the sleeping Riya.

"We can' t leave her here…" I said.

"Then what do you intend to do? You're gonna bring her home?" Kenji asked.

"Well…" I began.

Kenji slapped his forehead in disbelief. "You were considering of bringing her home? Don't you think that's too much? Plus I think your mom's going to freak out."

"Can you think of something else?" I shot back at him.

"We can wake her up." Hiro quipped.


ission. I'm sorry." She replied.

"That's ok. You can have one group picture." Jirou replied smiling.

The five of us then sat on the couch as Riya took our picture.

"Thanks. Don't worry I'm not going to upload this anywhere." Riya said after taking our picture.

"By the way, where are you staying?" Jirou asked her again.

"Star Hotel Yokohama. Oh shit! That reminds me, what time is it? I need to go." Riya said as she grabbed her bag and headed towards the door.

"Riya… wait a minute!" I called out to her.

She turned around. " I'm sorry. I need to go. I'm checking out tomorrow and I haven't packed yet. Can you tell me how to get to the hotel?" She asked.

"We're leaving in a few minutes. We'll just drop you off." Jirou replied.

"Are you sure it's ok? You might be doing something else and I'm just gonna get in your way." She asked.

"No it's fine. Your hotel is just on the way to our hotel anyway." He answered.

Riya nodded and smiled and went to sit in a corner waiting for us to finish gathering our things. She was smiling all the time while looking at her camera. I am guessing that she was staring at our picture that she took.

"OK! We're done. Let's go. I need to take a nice warm bath." Rohan said as he headed towards the door.

"Riya… let's go." Jirou said as he motioned Riya to follow us out.

The drive towards the hotel was a short one. We arrived at Riya's hotel in less than 15 minutes.

"Thank you." She said before getting off the van and heading towards the hotel entrance.

"Riya… wait…" I shouted.

"Huh?" She said as she turned around to face us once again.

"Anou… ehhh… Jirou ask her if I can see her again." I nudged Jirou who was already between awake and asleep.

"Wha.. Ah… Riya, Satoshi is asking if he can see you again." Jirou asked.

"Why?" She returned the question.

"I don't know. Wait I'll ask him. She's asking why you want to see her again.' Jirou asked me.

"Tell her I want to give her something." I answered.

" Riya, he wants to give you something." Jirou relayed the message.

"Well… I'm checking out tomorrow. I'm staying with my friend until the end of the month then I'm going back home." She replied.

"Can we have your friend's number then so we can call you from there?" Jirou asked.

"Hmmm… Ok.. wait I'll write it down. Here, her name's Aiko." She replied after handing him a small piece of paper.

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