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   Chapter 15 Blacked Out

Tell Me How You Lost Me By RisakoIsabel Characters: 7432

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Riya's POV

Why am I still talking to this guy? We can't even understand each other. I thought

"Excuse me… but I really need to go." I told him

"Wait…" he said.

"Sorry but I really need to go. It's getting dark." I said as I started to walk away from him.

"Please… Just moment." He followed me.

I tried to walk a little faster.

"Riya… wait…" he said as he tried to follow me.

"Look mister. I don't know you. And I don't think I have any business with you. If you don't stop

Following me I'm going to scream." I said. I was now half running and half walking.

"Please… wait…" he begged.

Panic was already starting to escalate as I walked a little faster only to realize I was walking in circles. I stopped walking, took a deep breath and faced the guy.

"Ok what do you want?" I said after braving enough courage.

"Wait…" he replied complete with arm gesture.

"Is that all you're going to say?" I asked.

"Please… wait" he said again.

"Ok… Ok… Fine… I'm going to wait, but you stay there. Don't come near me. If you do I'm going to run." I said as I sat onto the grass.

The guy sat in front of me and began to stare. He was creeping me out. Why is he doing this? To think he was wearing a fisherman's hat and shades and it was already getting dark.

"SA —- TO — SHIIIIII!!!!" Someone shouted from behind.

A figure was running towards us, arms waving frantically. The figure finally stopped in front of us, hands on his knees as he was trying to catch his breath.

Satoshi's POV

"Satoshi… thank god you're here… Tell her that we are not bad guys. Tell her that I just want to invite her to our concert. Ask her if she wants to have dinner with us after the concert." I said as I pushed Jirou towards Riya.

"Satoshi… hah….hah…hah… wait… let me catch my breath first. I just ran three blocks." Jirou replied.

"Sorry… ehhh…Jirou… you did not put on any disguise… someone might see you." I said realizing that Jirou was wearing the costume for the opening and without any cap or sunglasses on.

"Idiot! You told me to run didn't you? I had no time to look for a cap or sunglasses. Plus Rohan would not get off my back since he heard I was talking to you on the phone

the hell have you been? Do you know that we have less than 20 minutes before curtain call? Jirou your costume's got a lot of grass. What did you do? Satoshi why aren't you dressed yet? What's that? Rather Who is that?" Rohan asked his questions endlessly.

"Questions later, right now get all of your bags off the couch. She's heavy." Jirou said.

"Who is she?" Hiro asked as he grabbed the nearest bags and threw them onto the floor.

"Where did you get that?" Kenji asked as he stood and watched Jirou and I lay Riya on the couch.

"She's not a thing Kenji. She's a girl." I retorted.

"I know that. But where did you find her?" Kenji asked again.

"Satoshi found her. I just helped him bring her here." Jirou replied as he tried to rid his costume of the grass.

"Satoshi what have you done?" Rohan asked in disbelief.

"I did not do anything. She just fainted." I said defending myself.

"What do you mean she fainted?" Hiro asked.

"She fainted when she saw Satoshi's face." Jirou answered.

"Ahhh. Oh well, I would faint too if I saw you all of a sudden. You look scary." Kenji remarked sarcastically.

"Haha… Very funny Kenji." I said.

"So tell us. What really happened?" Rohan asked.

"I'll answer your questions later. Let me get dressed first. We have a few minutes more before the concert. Right now, let's just leave her here." I said as covered her with one of my bathrobes before hurriedly changing into the costume for the opening number.

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