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   Chapter 13 5 years ago

Tell Me How You Lost Me By RisakoIsabel Characters: 5626

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5 years ago…

The cold spring breeze swept through my face as I stepped out of the airport. I wrapped my coat a little tighter as I moved towards the taxi line. I cannot believe that I am actually here. My dream has finally come true. I AM IN JAPAN!

I smiled foolishly as I walked towards the taxi line. I was scanning the guidebook that I just bought when suddenly I heard screams. A throng of girls came running from nowhere to the arrival area. They were waving banners and fans of different sizes. I caught a glimpse of the faces printed in one of the fans. There's no doubt about it. There's no mistaking those faces.

"Oh my god… Oh my god…" I said not realizing that I was saying it out loud as a walked briskly towards the throng of girls.


They screamed as they pushed each other to get nearer.

I tried to squeeze myself into the crowd while dragging my luggage behind me.

I can't believe my luck. I might actually see them. I thought while still trying to squeeze myself in between two girls. However, the two Japanese girls stood their ground. As the screams became louder I knelt on the floor and pushed my head in between one of the girls legs. I was however a second late for all I saw were several pairs of feet walking past where I was kneeling.

"Darn… I thought I would get to see them." I mumbled as I got up and went back to the taxi line.

"Breezbay Hotel." I informed the driver as I got in the cab.

Since I became hooked on Hell's Angels a few months ago, it has been my ultimate dream to come to Japan and perhaps see their concert. So when Aiko, the daughte

round. Get some fresh air and maybe get to paint something." I replied.

"What about your disguise?" Rohan asked.

"I'll just change my face then no one's gonna recognize me." I replied as I stuck my jaw out.

"That's not funny. Here take this." Rohan said as he handed me a fisherman's hat and a pair of sunglasses.

"Thanks." I said as I headed towards the elevator.

It was mid afternoon and the breeze was getting colder. I had walked three blocks away from the hotel when I reached a small park. The cherry blossoms where in full bloom.

Cherry blossoms? Why not. I thought as I set the canvass up, took out my palette and began mixing the colors. I was halfway mixing blue and green when I saw her.

She has her back turned from me. She was looking up and staring at the flowers. For some it may not seem as a beautiful site but in my eyes it was something different.

I watched her for five minutes. Not once did she glance down or change her position. She was busy watching the flowers. I imagined what her expression was, what she looked like even if I had not seen it.

Then I began to paint.

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