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   Chapter 12 Tell me

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The drive to the hot springs was quieter since Jaja fell asleep beside the new guy who unwillingly sat beside her. Hiro was reading his comics… manga rather. Kenji was playing with his DS, Rohan was reading a fashion magazine. Shinichi and his dad were doodling. I watched the two as they criticized each other's doodles, then I heard a familiar sound.


It was getting louder.

Then I realized what it was and suddenly turned around to see the new guy, his brows furrowed and trying to move away from the sleeping Jaja who's head was now resting on his shoulder.

"Wake her up." The new guy mouthed at me looking really disgusted.

"You're beside her. You wake her up." I replied.

"Does she make that sound every time she sleeps?" he asked.

"You mean does she grind her teeth every time she sleeps?' I returned the question.

He nodded.

"Yes she does. All the time. She also drools." I said trying to stifle my laugh as I saw something wet forming on his shoulder.

"Eeeeeehhhhhh?" He screamed as he pushed Jaja to the side.

"Wha.. What… what?" Jaja asked.

"What did you do? Yuck!!! Your saliva's all over my shoulder." The new guy said in abhorrence.

"Oh… sorry." Jaja replied before going back to sleep.

"I can't stand this anymore. Hiro, change seats with me." He said

"No way. I'm fine here thank you." Hiro replied.

"Don't look at me." Rohan said.

"I'm near the end of the level so don't disturb me." Kenji said without taking his eyes off his DS.

"AARRRRGGGGHHHHH" the new guy screamed in resignation.

When we arrived at the ryokan, Rohan immediately ordered dinner.

During dinner, Hiro could not help but ask Jaja some questions. Although his English was not that good they still understood each other.

"Jaja… why you say Riya like


"What do you mean? This is my first time in Japan. I've always wanted to go here though. I've always wanted to…"

"Sit and watch the cherry blossoms fall." Shinichi's dad finished my sentence.

"How did you know that?" I asked.

"That's how I met you. I saw you sitting in a park in Yokohama you were amusingly watching the cherry blossoms fall with your arms spread out." He replied.

"I'm getting confused." I said.

"Riya… you are Shinichi's mom. I'm not sure what has happened to you but please believe us." Rohan said.

" If I am really his mom and your wife, why did I leave?" I asked Shinichi's dad.


"Why did she leave? Did you do something to make her leave?" Jaja asked Shinichi's dad.

He did not answer he just looked down.

"What did you do to hurt her? The only reason that would make Riya run away from something is when she gets hurt." Jaja added.

"I..." Shinichi's dad began.

"What did you do?" I asked him.

"It's something I really want to forget. I don't want to lose you again." He said.

" Tell me... I think I deserve to know if you believe that I am your wife." I asked him again.

"Riya… I…"

"Tell me… Tell me how you lost me… Satoshi."

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