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   Chapter 10 The pink salmon

Tell Me How You Lost Me By RisakoIsabel Characters: 5725

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Everyone was quiet as we drove to the restaurant. Well everyone except for Shinichi and Hiro. Shinichi was talking to him in English and Hiro was painstakingly answering him in his broken English. Shinichi kept on correcting Hiro's grammar that it looked like he was the four year old and Shinichi was the adult.

During lunch, the atmosphere became a little serious as the five guys talked about work. I kept on hearing things like tour, concert, recordings and guestings. What do these guys do? I asked my self silently. I was about to ask Kenji who was seated beside me when Rohan informed us that we need to go.

"Why are we leaving? I haven't finished my ribs yet." The new guy asked.

" Because if we don't we're gonna be stuck in traffic." Rohan answered as he handed the waiter the payment.

"It's early. Can't I just finish this?" He asked again pointing at the beef on his plate.

"You've eaten a lot already." Kenji remarked.

"Well I'm a sick guy I need to eat to regain my strength." He quipped.

"You've been eating that for 5 days now. I think it's about time to stop." Hiro said as he got up of his chair.

"Well at least it's kalbi ribs and not katsudon." He said as he shot a sly glance at Shinichi's dad.

"Riya, what time is friend arriving again?" Rohan asked as we drove towards the airport.

"3:30." I answered.

"Ok. We've got just enough time." He answered looking at his watch.

Drive the drive to the airport was more lively as the guys took turns asking Shin what he wanted for his birthday.

"Oi… Shin's birthday is just a few weeks away. What do you want to do Shin?" the new guy asked Shinichi.

"Do you want to go to an amusement park?" Kenji asked.


asked realizing the little boy I was holding.

"Yup. And these are…"

"OMG!!! ROHAN AKIYAMA!!!!" she shouted as she jumped hysterically.

"You know him?" I asked her trying to stop her from attacking Rohan.

"Of course I know him. Love, Love has come my way…" She sang complete with dance choreography.

"Wait. How do you know them?" I asked her while still trying to stop her from hugging Rohan.

"Because of you."She replied.

"What do you mean?"

"You went crazy over them five years ago. You would bombard me with their songs every single day, then I saw Rohan's face and I fell in love…" she said in a giggly voice.

"What do you mean I went crazy over them?" I asked.

"Crazy… as in super crazy. You would download their songs and videos. You even went as far as studying Japanese just so you could understand them. They're also the reason why Gerald was jealous as hell." She explained even mentioning the name of my ex.

"You mean you know their names?" I asked again

" Of course! That's Rohan, Kenji, Hiro, Jirou and Satoshi" she pointed at the guys one by one.

So that's the new guy's name. I thought.

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