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"EEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHH??????!!!!!!" Hiro, Kenji and Rohan chorused.

"Ok Cha-han it is!" Shinichi's dad remarked as he placed the frying pan over the oven.

"You… you… put that down… stop it…" Kenji shrieked trying to wrestle Shinichi's dad with the intention of stopping him from cooking.

"What are you doing? Shin said he wants to eat cha-han, so I'm going to cook cha-han." He said as he got the ingredients out of the refrigerator.

"Of course Shin wants to eat cha-han, that's his favorite. But it does not follow that we want to eat it too. We have been patiently eating everything that you've cooked for the past month. First it was maguro, then cha-han, then ramen, then last week it was katsudon. This has got to stop or I'm suing you for food poisoning." Kenji said while returning all of the ingredients back inside the refrigerator.

"I want to eat curry." Hiro interrupted.

"Shut up!" Shinichi's dad and Kenji barked.

" I still think we should eat pasta." Rohan said as he was peeling an apple.

" Anou…Spaghetti's fine with me." I said.

The room suddenly became quiet as five pairs of eyes were staring at me.

"See? I told you. Now move out of the way. Let the master show you how to cook." Rohan exclaimed as he handed the peeled apple to Hiro who was shifting his gaze between Rohan and me.

Admitting defeat, Shinichi's dad moved out of Rohan's way with Kenji still clinging on to his arm trying to reach the cabbage he was holding.

"Ahmmm… Rohan… can you make the sauce…"

"Sweet? I know. You like your spaghetti sauce sweet, and you can call me O. Now if you please I would like to start cooking so please leave."

The five of us did an about face and headed towards the living room. Kenji and Hiro immediately went back to their game with Shinichi coaching Hero on how to get past the current level.

"Here… I think you would like to change your clothes first before dinner. You can take a bath if you want to. There's hot water in the bathroom." Shinichi's dad said

tle kids cry has always been my weakness.


I cleared my throat, let go of Shinichi's hand, took my bags and headed for the door.

I was about to grasp the knob when a hand in my arm stopped me.

"Riya… wait"

I turned around to see Shinichi's dad.

" Why are doing this? I would understand it, if you were mad at me but for you to do this to Shin… I don't get it." he said not letting go of my arm.

" Let me go." I demanded.

"No! I'm not letting you go until you explain everything. Why are you acting strange? Why?" He asked.

"Why do I have to explain anything? Aren't you the supposed to do the explaining?" I asked him back.

" What are you saying?"

" Explain to me why your son thinks I'm his mom."

"Because you ARE his mom."

" Why he knows I don't eat raw food…" pointing a Kenji.

" Why there are pictures of someone who looks exactly like me all over the house and…"

" Dinner's ready!" Rohan called as he peeped from the kitchen.

" Him… why does he know that I like my spaghetti sauce sweet?" I said.

"What's happening?" Rohan asked curiously as he carried the plate of spaghetti.

Both Hiro and Kenji began shaking their heads non-stop while signaling him to be quiet.

"Answer me! What is going on here? I need answers!" I demanded still trying to free myself from Shinichi's dad.

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