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   Chapter 5 What's for dinner

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The four of us immediately rushed to the kitchen when we heard O scream.

"Why are you cooking katsudon?" O asked as he tried to take away the frying pan that Shinichi's father was holding.

"Because, that's Mama's favorite." Shinichi answered.

"Ehhhhh????!!!! But, we've been eating that for 5 days already." O reasoned.

Katsudon for five days? That doesn't sound bad. I thought

"That's right! If I eat another katsudon, I'm going to develop hives made out of panko." Hiro seconded.

At that moment I did not realize that I was smiling like an idiot at the thought of Hiro covered with panko.

"WHAT????" the three guys chorused.

"Huh? Oh it's nothing." I said.

"Why can't we eat something other than katsudon? Why not sushi or sashimi?"

" Rohan, Riya does not eat raw food!" Kenji quipped.

That's right. I could not take the taste of raw food. Just the thought of eating something raw makes me want to puke.

Wait! How did he know that?

"Oh… sorry… I forgot, then maybe we could eat something else. Why don't we go Italian this time? Pasta! Let's cook pasta. Riya, what will it be? Puttanesca, Pasta Alfredo or just plain spaghetti?" Rohan or O as Shinichi calls him, excitedly asked.

Hmmm… Italian sounds good. Now which one would it be? Puttanesca? Hmmm… Nah… My friends and I ate that yesterday. I can still taste the tomatoes. Alfredo? Maybe… but then again I ate that 2 days ago. My friends and I went on an Italian "diet" last week, eating every kind of pasta conceivable.

"Anou… O, how do you cook your spaghetti?" I asked him.

"Ehhhh??????!!!!!!!" Kenji, Hiro, Shinichi and his dad chorused.

Rohan pouted and went on to mutter something inaudible in Japanese.

"What? Did I say something wrong?" I asked the four of them who were gawking at me as if I did a crime.

"Anou… Riya… Rohan does not like to be called O. Only Shinichi calls him that since it's his special nickname for him." Shinichi's father explained as both Kenji and Hiro went to appease O… errr… Rohan rather.

"Sorry… I did not know." I apologized bowing.

"Ehhh???!!!" Kenji's high pitched voice echoed in the kitchen.

"What? I said I'm sorry. How should I know that he does not like to be called O? Is that a crime? How was I supposed to know how to call each one of you? Heck! I don't even k

now who you guys are but here I am, stupid enough to go with you. Hell, you might even turn out to be a part of the Yakuza. Shit! This is what I get for being too trusting. God, Rianne Marie, you just never learn. You know what I think this is such a bad idea, me coming home with all of you. I think I need to go." I ranted as I hurriedly walked towards the front door.

I had only taken three steps when I wheeled around and asked…

"Oh… can tell me how to get to the nearest "cheap" hotel?" I asked the boys gawking at me with confused looks on their faces.

Shinichi immediately ran towards me and hugged me.

"Mama, don't go! Uncle Kenji you made Mama angry. Say sorry." Shinichi addressed Kenji without loosening his hug.

"WHAT? What did I do?"

"Kenji… just say you're sorry." Hiro said insisting him to apologize.

"Ehhhh???!!! Why?" Kenji asked.

"Just say it. You know he's not going to let this rest until you say sorry." Shinichi's dad answered.

"Go! Say it!" Rohan said.

Sensing that he was outnumbered, Kenji bowed and said…

"Sorry, but I still think I did not do anything wrong."

"Ok… ok… let's just prepare dinner." Shinichi's father said.

"Wait! Didn't you hear what I said earlier? I need you to teach me how to get to the nearest hotel. Cheap hotel that is." I called out to the four guys as headed towards the kitchen while I tried to break Shinichi's hug.

"Riya… let's talk about that during dinner. I bet you're hungry. And did you forget that half of your money was forfeited? I think it would be best if you stayed for dinner." Shinichi's dad remarked with a smirk on his face.

Shit. I hate to admit it, I am starving and if I leave now I would not know where to go seeing that these four guys have no intention of taking me to a hotel.

"Lord… I entrust my life to you. Whatever it is that I did wrong please forgive me. And if it is your will that my life ends here with these four guys and a little boy, so be it. I just have one request though, please make my death painless. I have a very low pain tolerance." I silently prayed as I was being dragged by Shinichi back to the kitchen.

"Ok Riya, what do you want to eat?" Hiro asked.

"Anything. Why don't we ask Shinichi."

" Shin, what you want to eat?" Rohan asked the little boy.


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