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   Chapter 3 Meeting Them

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"Ahhhhhhhh…. Ummmm…"

" Don't you dare deny it. I heard what you said and it did not have any unfamiliar words in it. I was English with a Japanese accent. Why didn't you say that you can speak English. I looked like an idiot trying to let a little boy explain what I was trying to say when in fact you can speak English, let alone understand it. What did you do that for?" I blabbed.

"You did not ask. You just assumed I could not understand you." He said calmly.

"That is beside the point. We could have solved my problem earlier. I could be in my hotel right now relaxing in a spa or watching the dolphin show if only you told me that you can speak English."

"Are you saying that if I told you that I spoke English you would ask me to bring you to your hotel even if you don't know me?"

He's right. But that was not what I meant.

"We..well…" I seemed to be lost for words.

"Are you two fighting?"

Saved by the bell. Good one Shinichi. I made a mental note to thank him later.

"Nope. It's nothing. By the way, we won't be able to reach your hotel in time. It's in the other side of town and even if we left 30 minutes ago we still would not make it. Traffic is bad during this time.

" What's going to happen to me now?" I said hopelessly as I slumped on the sidewalk.

"Let's go." He said as he literally dragged me and Shinichi.

"Wait, where are taking me? Slow down."

" Wait here."

He shoved Shinichi and I onto a nearby bench, took his cell phone out and dialed.

"Hello?… yes… Where are you? Ahhh… is that so?…airport… yes… yes… now… long story… will tell you later… yes… arigatou… bye bye…"

He flipped his phone close and faced Shinichi and I who were both gaping at him waiting for him to say something good.

" Someone's coming to pick us up."

"And…? That's it? Someone's picking us up? What about me? Where's that gonna leave me? Do you know how much I paid for the reservation in that hotel? Well not just the reservation. I paid for my entire stay here in full and it's forfeited. I won't be able to get it back. That's like half of my savings. Three years of working my ass out just to save up for this trip down the drain just like that. What am I going to do now? I have no where to go. As if this misery is not enough, my freaking phone is not working in your country."

"There's no need to panic. Everything's going to be fine." He assured me.

"How is it going to be fine? I have no where to stay tonight. I don't know how to get to the nearest hotel. Hell, I don't even know how to get out of this airport. Tell me how can everything be fine?" I exclaimed as I paced the sidewalk back and forth.

" We're going home." He said as he sat beside Shinichi whose eyes darted between his father and me.

"What? You're going home? What about me? Where will I go? You can't just leave me here. You said you're going to bring me to the hotel. Maybe I can still get a cheaper room." I continued to blab while pacing.

"I said, we're going home. And that includes you. And I thought I was the stupid one!" he said shaking his head.

"Wha… what? Why?"

"What do you mean why?" He asked

"I can't possibly come home with you. I don't even know you. What will your wife say?"

"Well… what will you say?"

"What do you mean what will I say? You're not making any sense."

"You asked me what will my wife say. So I'm asking you as my wife what will you say to yourself?"

I stopped pacing and faced him with my hands on my hips.

"If that was a joke, it was

not funny."

"Who said I was joking?"

"Come on, you are not actually saying that I am your wife. I don't even know you."

His face suddenly became serious as he stood up and held my hand. I tried to break free from his grasp but it was too tight.

" Riya… I don't understand why you're acting strange. But I'm begging you, come home. Shin waited his entire life for this moment to come. For you to come home. Please…" he pleaded.

Before I could ask him to clarify Shinichi spoke.

"Are you two fighting again?"

" No Shin. Mama and I are just talking about what we're gonna have for dinner tonight." He quickly answered.

"Is that so?… Papa… let's make Mama's favorite. It can be a welcome celebration for her."

"That's a great idea. Maybe we should pass by the grocery later."

I was watching the animated conversation going on between Shinichi and his father as if I was not there. I was about to comment on how I was left out of the conversation when a van stopped in front of us and honked loudly.

"Right, they're here. Let's go. Shin…" He said as he held out his hand towards Shinichi without letting go of my hand.

The door of the van slid open and three guys were staring at us, wide eyed and with open mouths.

"Riya… how… how…?" the smaller guy nearest the door asked.


"Riya what happened to you? Where were you?" The giddy guy at the back seat asked.

"Huh?" No other words were coming out of my mouth.

"Oi… Let her in the car first. Ask your questions later." The well dressed guy farthest the door said as he scooted even farther to make room for us.

Once inside the van, Shinichi excitedly hugged the small guy and began to talk non stop.

"Uncle Kenji… I passed level 3 already. It was hard at first but I passed."

"Really?" The guy called Kenji asked.

"Where is he?" I heard Shinichi's dad ask the well dressed guy. Who was he looking for? Was there supposed to be someone else here?

"He went home. He wasn't feeling well." The well dressed guy answered still staring at me.

"Ammmm… who's not here? Who's not feeling well?" I asked Shinichi's dad.

He was about to answer when I felt someone tap my shoulder.

"Ehhh… uhmmm… Riya~..." I turned to see the in the backseat looking at me intently.


"Where have you been all these time?" he asked

"Well… if you're asking me where I have been for the past hour, I have been in the airport, pondering on how to go about my vacation since half of my money was forfeited by the hotel. And if you're asking me where I have been for the rest of my life, well... I have spent the last three years on a job that I really don't like but had to do anyway since the pay is so damned good. So that's just about it." I narrated.

The guy in the back seat was amazingly listening to my narration while continuously nodding his head.

"I'm sorry did you even understand a single word that I just said?" I asked him

" Yeah! Yeah!" he excitedly answered.

"Hiro, Did you understand what she just said?" Shinichi's dad asked the guy named Hiro.

"Of course! I am very good in English remember?" Hiro boasted.

"So if you understood it, what did she say ?" The well dressed guy dared him to repeat what I said.

"It's kinda long." Hiro reasoned.

" As expected." The well dressed guy answered rolling his eyes upward.

"Uncle O… where did you buy your shirt?" Shinichi asked the well dressed guy while sitting on the lap of the guy named Kenji.

"Mail to order." The well dressed guy answered.

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