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   Chapter 14 Fourteen

Nothing Like A Perfect Moment By Symplyayisha Characters: 7878

Updated: 2018-10-25 23:18

Three months and some weeks Later

"Maybe I should just cancel the whole thing, " Lawrence said. The thought of not seeing Maddie and Luis for a few days is making him go crazy.

"You should go, honey. We will be fine." Madiana assured as she placed Luis on her chest. The little boy was playing with her hair, trying to put it in his mouth but she was preventing him from doing so.

Lawrence was to go on a trip to Paris for some business deal. He was representing his father's company since he is a partner there.

When his father informed him about the trip, he was reluctant to go, telling his father to go himself or appoint someone else to represent the company.

His father, Liam chuckled at his reply because he knew his son was reluctant to go because he didn't want to leave Madiana and Luis behind.

But he had no choice because this deal was a very important one and he only trusts his son to make the best of it. Besides, he will only be gone for two days so he wondered why his son was complaining that much.

Lawrence had discussed it with Maddie and she offered to take care of Luis throughout the period he will be out of the country.

So she came over to Lawrence's house last night to spend the night with him and Luis.

Lawrence and Madiana's relationship was going well, their bond is now as tight as ever. But Maddie still refuses to move in with him. She thinks it's still early for that.

But during these past days, she spent more time in Lawrence's apartment than in her apartment. She has had a lot of sleepovers at his place.

"Trust me, we will be fine." She assured. She walked towards him with Luis still in her arms and gave him a quick kiss.

"Okay." he mumbled, then continued packing his clothes and other essentials he will need for his two days trip.

After he was done with the parking, he took a quick shower and dressed up in something casual.

His Driver, Dominic arrived and took his suitcase to the car.

"I will miss you, buddy. Be good to Maddie alright." He said to Luis who was blabbering baby words in Madiana's arms.

"Stay safe. Call me when you land." She said.

"I will. Love you!" He said and kissed her passionately.

"Love you too." She replied.

Madiana watched as he walked out of the apartment to join Dominic in his car. She watched through the window as the car to

stayed with Maddie a little longer before they took their leave.

Madiana prepared for bed and checked up on Luis who was fast asleep. She kissed his forehead and switched on the baby monitor and headed to Master bedroom which was Lawrence's room and that was where she stayed too whenever she came over.

Before she slept, she called her elder sister, Linda who was happy to hear from her. She explained everything to Linda and Linda encouraged her to take the test and that whatever the outcome is, she will always be there for her.

As soon as she ended the call with Linda, another call came in and it was from her love. Lawrence.

"Hi, my love."

"Heyy, she replied."

"I miss you." She added.

"I miss you too Babe. Sorry for not calling you on-time. I had to meet with a client as soon as I arrived. Hopefully, we will finalize the deal by tomorrow evening after which I'll be on my way back home."

"Okay. That will be great." She said.

"How's Luis?" He asked.

"Fine. He's asleep already. Thanks for sending Ethan and Omo over. They were able to keep us company."

"Anything for you my love. You sound pretty sad, is everything okay?" He asked concerned.

"Hmm yes. Everything is good. I just miss you." She half lied.

"I miss you too. Don't worry, By this time tomorrow, we will both be cuddling." He chuckled and she smiled.

"I can't wait." She said.

They talked some more before ending the call after which Maddie walked to the bathroom to take the test. Even though she could feel it, she just wanted something to confirm it.

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