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   Chapter 11 Eleven

Nothing Like A Perfect Moment By Symplyayisha Characters: 10632

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The Family Dinner........

Lawrence spent Saturday doing some work and also spending some quality time with Luis, his son.

When it was almost evening, he began preparing for their dinner which was to take place at his parents mansion. He still had to pick up Maddy on his way. So Lawrence dressed up in something casual and also changed Luis. He arranged Luis baby bag and got him ready.

When Lawrence got to Maddy's apartment, He couldn't go down to knock on her door because Luis was sleeping in his carseat in the passenger seat. He couldn't leave him alone in the car.

So he called Maddy that they were already outside. Once he saw her walk out of her apartment and approaching his car, He quickly got down and assisted her in opening the door to the front passenger seat.

She blushed a little as she muttered a small "Thank you." before he went over to the drivers seat.

"You look beautiful Maddy. I think black colours fit you more." He said

"Thanks Mr Williams. You don't look bad also." She replied with a smile.

"I think we are way pass formality. Just call me Lawrence."

"Hummm, thanks Lawrence. You don't look bad also." she said.

"You know what?" Lawrence said as he started the car

"I think I like my name more, when you pronounce it." He chuckled and Maddy shook her head with a smile. Her Boss was on hell of a crazy person. He just makes her fall more for him with everything he says and does.

"Sorry I can't play any music for now. Luis is sleeping." he said.

"Don't worry. I saw him as soon as I came into the car. He looks so adorable. Nice outfit by the way." she commended, referring to Luis outfit

"His dad is a fashion freak so what do you expect." he said proudly and Maddy rolled her eyes.

"Don't be so proud of yourself. I'm sure you just got lucky today, giving him the right outfit." She said and they both chuckled.

They spent the rest of the ride making funny conversations and Maddy told Lawrence about her family.

They got to the mansion and from the carpark, Lawrence could tell that they had a lot of visitors in there.

Baby Luis was still sleeping so Maddy offered to carry him while Lawrence walked by their side.

They got to the entrance and Lawrence pressed the door bell. After about three rings, Someone opened the door. It was Luciana, Lawrence younger sister. She screamed and jumped into Lawrence arms.

Her scream was loud enough to wake up Luis from his nap.

"I missed you Bro." Luciana said.

"I missed you too baby sister." he said as he kissed her cheek after releasing her from the hug.

"Hi."Maddy said as soon as Luciana looked at her direction.

Luciana smiled as she looked at her brother, then at Maddy again.

"Hello I'm Luciana. Lawrence younger sister" She replied extending a hand to Maddy.

"Madiana. It's so nice to meet you." she replied with a smile.

"Oh my God, he's so cute." Luciana awed as soon as Luis removed his head from Maddy's chest and turned to look at her.

"May I?" Luciana asked as she stretched her hands to carry Luis.

"Sure." Maddy said as she handed over Luis to her.

They all walked into the house. Crowded was an understa

you are with my friend. If he hurts you in any way, just like Maddy said, come to us and we will seek justice on your behalf." he said and omo could not help but blush.

They engaged into many funny conversations until Lenora dragged Maddy, Omo and some of her other female cousins into the living room as they left the guys to catch up.

The ladies settled down in the second living room, getting to know themselves better. Halfway through their conversation, they were interrupted by Luciana who was carrying a very cranky Luis.

"Hmmm Maddy, do you know where my brother is? I guess Luis is hungry." She said, trying to calm Luis down.

"It's fine, I will take care of him." Madiana offered. She stood up and collected Luis from her. She told Luciana to help her fetch Luis baby bag from her brother's car which she did with haste.

Madiana excused herself from the ladies and went to a quite corner, she settled down and changed Luis. After changing him, she fed him after which she burped him. She did all that with so much love in her eyes without even knowing someone was watching her.

It was Lawrence mom, Abigail.

She approached Maddy and took a seat on the Sofa beside her.

"Thank you." Abigail whispherd.

"For?" Maddy asked confused.

"For loving my son and my grandson." She said as Maddy chuckled with Luis in her arms. The little boy was playing with Maddy's fingers.

"Thanks for being there for the two of them." Abigail said and she nodded.

"I know you like him and I think he feels the same way about you. He has never been as happy as I've seen him today. Not even when Silvia was with him." Abigail said.

"I don't think so. I guess he's just nice and friendly to me. Just the way a good Boss will behave." Maddy said.

"I saw the way he was looking at you earlier on. He does like you and I know it. Just be patient with him. You know, a lot have happened over the month and I think he's still trying to come around." Abigail said and Maddy nodded.

"Let's go and call everyone together. Dinner is ready." Abigail said with a smile as she collected Luis from her.

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