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   Chapter 10 Ten

Nothing Like A Perfect Moment By Symplyayisha Characters: 8098

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"That was emotional. I'm so happy for you guys." Madiana told her Boss with a sad smile on her face.

She had accompanied him to the board meeting at his father's company. Lawrence is a partner there so his presence was required and he took Maddie along.

After their meeting in the conference room, Liam, Lawrence father had invited Lawrence Into his office while Maddy waited for him outside the office.

Both father and son had settled their differences. Not like they actually fought, but Lawrence was very close to every member of his family. They all felt it during the past few days when he distanced himself from them.

He had explained to his father the whole situation, how it happened and what had happened. Liam comforted his son and gave him the advice he needed and also made it known that he is looking forward to meeting his grandson.

And Lawrence promised that he and Luis will be there at the next family dinner.

Madiana did not mean to eavesdrop. The two men were just loud enough and she could hear what they were saying as she sat on a chair just outside Lawrence father's office.

They were now on their way back to Lawrence company. Dominic was driving, Lawrence and Maddy were seated in the back seat.

"And I'm so sorry about Luis mom." She whispered and Lawrence nodded.

He took a at his wrist watch, then turned to Maddy and said

"Do you mind if we branch somewhere before heading to the office?"

"No I don't." She replied honestly.

Then Lawrence told Dominic to head to Lucas, his younger brother's school.

Dominic drove into Lucas school and Maddy could not help but awe. It was a private school and the compound was screaming money.

Dominic Parked on the parking space set aside for visitors and Lawrence got down. He forced Maddy to come with him also. And they both walked towards a garden where they sat down.

As soon as they sat down, they heard footsteps of someone running towards their direction, Lawrence stood up and pulled his younger brother into a hug.

"I missed you Lawrence." Lucas said.

"I miss you too young man." He replied as he ruffled Lucas hair.

"No, don't....." Lucas groaned as removed his elder brother's hand from his hair and looked around.

Lawrence smirked and said "Are you worried your crush would see me ruffling your hair?"

"Something like that." He replied with a grin.

"Is she your new girlfriend?" Lucas aske

ok at Luis pictures, she had totally forgotten that Lawrence picture was there. It was later that she remembered but since Lawrence did not raise the issue, she assumed he didn't see it.

Lawrence took out his phone from his pocket.

"What are you doing?" Maddy whisper-yelled

"Taking your pictures." He shrugged with a smile.

"Please don't. I'm not photogenic." She said and covered her face with her hands.

"Common Madiana, it's only fair if I take yours too." He said.

The way he pronounced her name, sent shivers down her spine.

"But I don't like taking pictures. Besides who take pictures in the evening." She grumbled.

Lawrence sighed as he stood up and walked towards where Maddy was seating. He turned her chair towards him and said

"Madiana you are very beautiful, never doubt that and sorry if I made you so uncomfortable. I just find it so adorable when I saw my picture on your phone. So I take it that you like me." He completed his last sentence with a grin and Maddy groaned.

"Anyways, I came to ask you if you would like to go with Luis and I to my parents family dinner. Be our date, please." He pleaded.

"Are you sure? I mean is the dinner not meant for family only?" She asked.

"Yeah, But please just come with us. Besides, I think Luis will be very happy to see you."

"Okay. I will think about it." She replied and he nodded.

"I will be on my way now. I miss my Son already. Today is the furthest I've been away from him."

"Give a kiss to him for me." Maddy said with a smile which Lawrence returned.

He said his goodbye and walked out of her office.

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