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   Chapter 3 Three

Nothing Like A Perfect Moment By Symplyayisha Characters: 6354

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"I'm glad you made it Mr Williams." Dr Peters said as she welcomed Lawrence into her office.

Lawrence nodded as he took a seat opposite Dr Peters. He looked very worried and uncomfortable. A lot of things were going through his head about the probability of what might happen. But deep down, he prayed for one thing. The strength to go through whatever might come his way.

"You can call me by my first name Dr Peters. Lawrence is fine." He said.

"Okay Lawrence. I really need to ask you this. Are you still having doubts about the baby being yours." She asked with a serious tone.

"I don't know what to believe anymore Doctor." He said as she slowly massaged his forehead. As if he's preventing the headache from coming.

"When I received a call from Ava seven months back and she told me she was pregnant with my baby. I didn't believe her. I thought she was lying and told her not to contact me again. But today, when you called me, I felt the need to come here." he confessed.

"So do you believe now that the baby is yours or you want proof. We can take a test to clear all doubt." She said.

"I think that will be a good idea." Lawrence said.

"Alright then. You will have to follow me." Doctor Peters said as they both stood up and walked out of the office. They went into a test room where Lawrence's blood sample was taken and Doctor Peters gave instructions to a junior Doctor as to what to do.

"While we wait for the wait for the result, would you like to see him?, I mean the baby?" She asked him and he nodded slowly.

They walked out of the Test room and headed for the children's ward.

"You have to put on this." Doctor Peter said as she handed Lawrence a blue Overall that comes with a cap and a nose cover. He wasted no time in putting them on.

They finally entered the children's ward and were greeted with both cries and blabbering of babies. Some nurses were attending to some babies while some babies were on their own in their crib.

Lawrence could not help but stare everywhere as he kept on following Dr Peters. He had never really been a person that was usually around babies. Except when his younger siblings were born and when Lenora gave birth to her child.

A possibility crossed his mind as to the baby they are about to see. What If he happens to be the biological father. Will he be a good father? Will Silvia accept the fact that he has a son and will still want to be with him? What will his parents think of him?

Lawrence shook all those thought from his head as he and Doctor Peters entered an adjoining room where babies were placed in different incubators.

Lawrence heart felt for them. The babies were so tiny and vulnerable. They kept on walking until they got to the second to the last baby on their right.

"Here he is." Doctor Peter said with a sad smile as she slowly turned to look at Lawrence who had tears in his eyes.

Lawrence stared at the incubator and was moved by what he saw. The baby was so tiny, frail and weak. His eyes was closed so Lawrence assumed he was sleeping. And a very small tag was placed around his wrist.

"He was born this morning. 4.15 to be precise."Dr Pe

ter said.

"Will he be alright?" Lawrence chipped in.

Doctor Peters nodded and said "He is a fighter. I'm sure he will make it."

"He's not due to be born until next month. But due to his mom's heart disease, she had an early Labour."

"Ava has a heart disease?" Lawrence asked shocked.

Doctor Peters nodded and said "And I'm afraid she might not live for too long." She said and the tears finally fell from Lawrence face.

"During her pregnancy she hadn't been eating well which is one of the reason why this poor baby was born premature." Doctor Peters said as she glanced at Lawrence who was still in tears before she continued.

"Ava went through a lot. She's an orphan. Even with her heart condition, she worked multiple jobs so she could get enough money to keep up with her medications. That was until she became pregnant. It was really hard for her. She was always falling sick that she even got fired from two of her jobs. The cleaning job and the bar job. She was able to manage the waitress job which was during the day but the pay she got there was very low. She had to forgo buying her medicine so as to pay her house bill. She couldn't afford to buy healthy food or prenatal medicines or even go for check up. She also said she called you one time to ask for help but you shunned her. She told me all these few hours after she woke up from the delivery and decided I should call you if there will be any luck. She does not have much time to live and wanted her baby boy to be in safe arms. Her other option was that if you refuse to come, I should help her find a caring family who will adopt the baby." Dr Peter said. She whispered the last part as she wiped a tear off her face.

As soon as the she finished her statement, the baby in the incubator moved his left hand and opened his eyes which made Lawrence cry the more. His question have been answered. All his doubt have been erased. He did not need any DNA test to prove anything. He could see that the baby was his. He had his eyes. The same eye color he, his dad and younger brother has. No doubt he's the father to the little one in the incubator.

Lawrence could not control himself as his tears started getting louder.

"It's time for him to be fed." Doctor Peters said and she called a nurse over and gave her some instructions after which she dragged Lawrence who was reluctant to go, out of the room.

Immediately they got out of the children's ward, Lawrence plopped down on a chair and cried his hearth out.

Doctor Peters took a seat beside him as she squeezed his shoulder, assuring him that everything will be alright.

"This is all my fault. If only I had believed Ava when she called me. If only I had listened to what she had to say. If only I had helped her, She and my child won't be going through what they are going through." Lawrence said in tears. Feeling guilty as ever.

"I was enjoying life somewhere without even thinking that my baby and his mother are somewhere suffering. Ah God I'm so stupid. Look at what I've done. I will never forgive myself if anything happen to both of them. I will never forgive my self." He said as he wept bitterly.

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