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   Chapter 5 Five

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Updated: 2018-10-23 11:51

Five months later

Few weeks after Em and Guy reconciled, Guy asked Em to move in with him and Luna which she agreed to. They took their relationship on a very slow motion. Guy basically turned every Friday night to a date night with Em. He got to know her better and Em found herself not only trusting Guy, but also falling in love with him. Two months ago, Guy had asked Em to be girl friend which she happily agreed to.

Anna was very grateful to God that her Son is able to give love another chance and she couldn't be happier that it was with Emerald.

Silvia and Em are basically like twins. They are as close as ever and Silva could not ask for a better Girl friend for his brother. As Emerald is sure the perfect one for him.

Luna's joy knew no bounds when she heard that the baby Em was expecting was her sibling. She is so excited about being a big sister and no doubt she will be a perfect one.

Immediately Em moved in with Guy and Luna, She automatically took over the role of Luna's mother. And Luna now had the motherly love she had always wanted. She now finds school as a burden as she prefers staying at home with Em.

Em started taking an online course. She opted out for a Bachelor degree in Arts. English and communication skills to be precise. She had always wanted to become a writer. To wr

y but he couldn't today because he and Silvia had to finalise tomorrow's surprise. They had planned a surprise baby shower for Em and Guy was going to propose to her tomorrow. Hopefully Emerald would agree to be Mrs Anderson and make Guy the happiest man on earth.

Guy walked towards the bed and gave Em, Luna and the baby bump a kiss. He was so happy his life turned the way it is. He thought after loosing Alyssa he will never find happiness again. But Emerald came and added colours to his life and also his daughter's life. Guy was very happy that he lost the deal with the Sullivan's. If he had won the deal, he wouldn't have gone to the bar that night and met Emerald.

Finally, his struggles are over. He has Luna, Emerald, His mum and Sister. And in less than three months, they would be welcoming their baby boy. And what more could Guy Anderson ask for?


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