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   Chapter 4 Four

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"Common Silvia, i don't like the look you are giving me." Guy said, already frustrated.

Luna had fallen asleep so Guy and Silvia decided to go get a coffee at the Hospital's cafeteria. Since Emerald left, Silvia have been behaving rude to Guy, giving him one word answer to his questions. Silvia wants to confront her brother about Emerald. She knew something is or was going on between them and it hurt her so much that her brother is keeping away something from her.

She was waiting for Luna to fall sleep before asking her brother about the issue. But immediately Luna fell asleep, Guy suggested they go get a coffee at the Cafeteria and Silvia followed him, sensing it might be a good place to talk. So here they are, at the hospital's Cafeteria, sitting opposite each other with their coffee on the table in front of them.

"What's going on between you and Emerald." Silvia asked going straight to the point.

"I don't understand what you are trying to say." Guy replied.

"The girl you met with me in Luna's room. Have you guys ever met before?" Silvia asked frustrated. She knows Guy clearly understands what she's saying. He's just trying to avoid the issue and she won't let him.

"Um yeah, I guess we have seen each other before. That reminds me, how did you two meet?" Guy asked, Surprised as to what his Sister is doing with the girl he had a one night stand with.

"Her name is Emerald. She's the one who have been taking care of Luna all these while. Shes also the one who i told you about this morning. The one we decided to help." Silvia said through gritted teeth.

"Oh heavens." Guy said while burying his face in his hands.

"Will you tell me what is going on because i'm going crazy already. Em refused to tell me anything. You have to talk to me Guy. I'm your sister for crying out loud." Silvia whisper yelled.

"Three weeks back, i lost a deal with the Sullivan's. The deal was worth millions of pound. I was so angry with myself. I thought if i had payed more attention to the deal, i wouldn't have lost it to my competitors. I was so sad and angry with myself so i went to a club to get drunk. And that was where i met her. She really caught my attention that night. We were both drunk and were talking about silly stuffs. And i ended up having a one night stand with her. I woke up the next day and noticed she had left already." Guy said.

"Oh lord." Silvia Whispered. "Does that mean you are the father of the child she's carrying." Silvia asked.

"There is a high probability that i am. You see i was the first man to you know............" Guy said while scratching the back of his head.

Silvia exhaled and there was a little bit of silence between them before she spoke up. "So do you have any feelings for her? Do you think the both of you could work?"

"I don't know but i haven't been able to forget about her since that night. Her face keeps appearing to me every now and then." Guy confessed.

Silvia took her brothers hand into hers and looked him in the eye. "I'm happy you feel that way. But i'm not happy about how it happened. But i'm still happy. Maybe this is a sign. A sign for you to move on. Since Alyssa's death, You haven't been with any other woman. Alyssa will always be in our heart. She forever will. Its been five years now Guy and Luna really needs a mother figure in her life and i'm sure Emerald will be the perfect one for that." Silvia said.

"Yeah, maybe." Guy murmured.

"I will go talk to her. probably tomorrow." Guy said.

"Why not now?" Silvia reasoned.

"I have to stay with Luna remember. I pray she's better by tomorrow morning so she can be discharged and i will stop coming to this hospital of yours." Guy said, clearly tired of parading the hospital.

"If you want to do something why not do it now. Tomorrow might be too late Guy. Besides you have me. I can stay with Luna. Just go talk to Em. I will give you her address." Silvia said.

With that, Silvia escorted Guy to his car and gave him the description to Em's house which was not that far from the hospital. As Guy was driving to Em's house, he taught to himself, 'Maybe Silvia was right after all, guess its time for him to move on. Luna has always wanted a younger sibling to play with. Maybe Em will give him a chance."

Guy located the address given to him by Silvia and when he got there, he got down from his car and went straight to knock on the door. Few minutes later, Emerald opened the door.

Guy took in her features a

nd noticed that she look so pale and weak. Her eyes red and puffy as if she had been crying.

"Hi, Please can i come in. I would like to talk you." Guy asked as politely as possible.

Em didn't say anything. She just paved way for him to come in after which she shut the door behind her.

Em asked Guy to take a seat after which she also sat beside him leaving some space between them and Guy did not fail to notice how small her house is. Though it was small but very neat and arranged.

Guy did not know how to raise the issue but he started anyways. "First, i want to say thank you for always taking care of Luna. i'm extremely grateful." Guy said and Emerald nodded.

"The baby, Its mine right?" Guy asked and Emerald nodded again.

"Emerald, you see, what happened between us that night was not a mistake. Maybe it was at first but since that night, I've never been able to get your face out of my head. I don't know if this is a sign or something but i want you to give me a chance to take up the responsibility of taking care of you and our baby. I want to be there for the both of you in every step of the way. Will you please give me a chance?" Guy asked hopefully.

"I...I..don't know. I don't think i'm keeping the baby?" Em said with a low voice.

Guy shifted his seating position and took Em's hand in his, making her look into his eyes and said "Em, i am here now and there's no going back about it. You are going to keep this baby and we will both take care of him or her." Guy said Firmly.

"B...but i'm scared. I don't think i will be able to be a good mother. I don't think i can go through this." Em said, fear Evident in her voice.

"Like i said, i will be with you in every step. You are not alone in this. You have me, my mom, Silvia and Luna. We will always be there for you." Guy said after which he pulled Em into a hug.

Em hugged him back and hid her face in the crook of his neck. She really loved the way he smelled. She don't know why but she suddenly felt safe. She felt like home.

After their hug, Guy decided to stay with Em for the night since Silvia was with Luna. He texted Silvia telling her he had already made peace with Em after which he sent an E mail to his manager and secretary that he will not be around for the rest of the week. Guy needed time with his family. Both Luna, Emerald and his unborn child needed him. Work can come later.

Since Emerald could not afford to buy a bed in her apartment, She and Guy managed to squeeze their selves on the only available couch in the house.

It was a resting couch. So Guy sat down while Em lied on the couch, resting her head on Guy's lap. Guy covered her with a blanket and kept on caressing her hair until she fell asleep.


Emerald woke up again with the need to throw up. She ran into the bathroom and puked into the toilet. Guy ran after her and kept on rubbing her back while she puked. When she was done, Guy carried Em into the bathtub and made her sit, resting her back on the edge. Em just sat there, feeling weak, with her chest rising and falling. Trying to regain her lost energy.

After sometime, Guy helped her rinse her mouth and washed her face. He knew how bad morning sickness were. Alyssa was once in the same shoes while pregnant with Luna.

"Should i make an appointment to the doctor's. You don't have to worry, i will come with you." Guy asked Emerald and she nodded.

After Guy called for an appointment, He told Em he would be right back as he went to his apartment to take a quick shower and changed his clothes. Then he branched to the restaurant to get them breakfast. On his way back to Em's, He called Silvia and she told him Luna was better that she will be discharged that morning. Silvia agreed to take Luna to her apartment since it was her day off. She told Guy not to worry that he should just take Em to the hospital and they can both come to her apartment later on to see Luna.

Guy was very grateful to his sister for helping out. He got back to Em's apartment and saw that Em had already showered and was ready to go. They quickly ate their breakfast and went off to the doctors.

The doctor was able to do an ultra sound and at six weeks they were able to hear the baby's heartbeat. It was such a beautiful moment. Both Guy and Emerald had tears in their eyes. Hearing her baby's heartbeat, Emerald had a strong determination in her. There was nothing that was going to stop her now from keeping the baby.

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