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   Chapter 15 Fifteen

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"I can't do this anymore Terrence. Its so painful." Gabby said in tears.

"You can Gabby. You are the strongest woman i know. I can see her head Gabby. Just few more pushes and you will be holding her in your arms." Terrence encouraged.

It kills Terrence to see Gabby in so much pain with him unable to do anything rather than standing there and holding her hand, whispering encouraging words into her ear.

God bless all our Mothers wherever they are.

And Yes. Sophie was right all along. They later found out they will be having a girl and Sophie was on cloud 9. She insisted that she wants the baby to share her room with her but Terrence and Gabby hesitated. They decided the baby will stay in their room for the first few weeks of its birth and will be transferred to the nursery later on. Then maybe when the baby clocks one plus, she can now share a room with Sophie. Sophie was grumpy at first but later agreed to the plan as she was given the privilege to choose the theme colour for her younger sister's room.

Gabby gave the last push with all the strength she had in her. Lo and behold, the loud sound of a crying baby filled the room and Gabby gave a sigh of relief.

"You did it my love.I'm so proud of you" Terrence said with tears in his eyes as he kissed her forehead.

A blanket was placed on Gabby's chest after which a nurse placed on the new born baby on her mother's chest and covered her with another blanket.

The little cutie stopped crying immediately her head touched her mothers chest and Gabby could not help but smile at that. Her baby girl was so perfect.

Terrence was called to cut the cord which he proudly did. Before he went over to join Gabby in admiring the little one on her chest.

"She's so beautiful." Terrence whispered as the little angel opened her eyes. It was as if she recognised her Father's voice. He never failed to s

"Thank you my love. I will forever cherish this." Gabby said as she held back tears and pulled Sophie into a motherly hug.

They both pulled away when Terrence opened the door with Serena on one hand and tray of Gabby's favourite breakfast on the other hand.

"Mama." Serena giggled as soon as she saw her mom. Terrence gently placed her on the bed as she crawled towards her Gabby.

Serena will be one in a month's time. She had already said her first word which was Sophie's name. She learnt how to say 'so-fee' before she learnt mama, then dada. Of course Sophie got emotional when Serena get to say her name as her first word. Serena had also taken her first step during Terrence birthday last month. It was something their family and friends witnessed with them. Gabby also bears Mrs Tennon now. She and Terrence had their wedding three month after Serena's birth.

"How's my baby doing?" Gabby asked as she showered kisses on Serena's face which erupted a loud giggle from her.

"Happy Mothers Day my love."Terrence said as he gave her a long passionate kiss. Sophia giggled and Serena started saying baby words as she clapped her tiny hands together. As if she understood what was going on.

Gabby blushed and Terrence gave her breakfast in bed.


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