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   Chapter 11 Eleven

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Sophia's Birthday.

Finally. Sophia Adoria Tennon clocks 5 today and guess what? she will be having a home party. A princess themed party. It was hard for Sophia to fall asleep yesterday night as she was so excited for today.

So far, nothing new. Except for the fact that Gabby had finally moved in with Terrence and Sophie. They now live together as a loving family connected by heart. Sophie is now very fund of Gabby that Terrence sometimes get jealous of Gabby getting all the attention he used to. But nevertheless Terrence is over the moon. His girls are his life. Nothing could be more fulfilling than having those you love most staying with you.

"Morning my love." Terrence said as he kissed Gabby on her forehead.

"Morning." Gabby replied as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Shouldn't we go wake up the birthday girl now?" She asked.

"Sure. Let's do that." Terrence encouraged as he helped her from the bed. They exited their room and entered Sophie's room.

Little Sophie was still sleeping so soundly, cuddling with her pink teddy bear.

Gabby took a seat on her bed and started showering her face with kisses. "Wake up Sophie." Gabby said in between kisses.

"No. I want to sleep." Sophie replied as she snuggled closer with her teddy bear.

"But its your birthday." Gabby said as Sophie opened her eyes immediately.

"Its my birthday." Sophie repeated as she rubbed her eyes with her little hands.

"Yes, Happy Birthday my love." Terrence said as he lifted her from the bed into his arms.

"Thank you Daddy." Sophie replied.

"Happy Birthday Sophie." Gabby said as she stood up and kissed her on her forehead.

"Thank you Gabby." Sophie grinned.

"I'm 5 today." Sophie suddenly remembered.

"Yes sweetheart. You are growing up so fast." Gabby said as she playfully squeezed Sophie's nose which caused her to giggle more.

"So how do you feel Sophie? Do you feel a year older or Do you feel taller?" Gabby asked.

"Hmmm I don't know." Sophie said as she shrugged her shoulders. "I just feel happy because i have You and my Daddy." Sophie said with a charming smile as Gabby and Terrence both kissed her forehead at the same time.

"So what do you want for breakfast?"Gabby asked the little girl.

"Pancakes." Sophie screamed as they all chuckled.

They walked out of Sophie's room to have breakfast after which Gabby helped Sophie in taking a shower and also making her look pretty.

Sophie's party is to take place in the garden at the back of their house and the people Terrence hired had arrived early this morning to start the decorations. Debbie volunteered to take care of the food and Nikki volunteered to take care of snacks and dessert. Leaving Gabby with the cake and making Sophie look beautiful for the party. They had done that on purpose to relieve Gabby fr

ster or brother in few months time. This is the baby's picture. Its still tiny. The baby is still growing in Gabby's belly but will be here with us in few months time. Definitely before you celebrate your next birthday." Terrence said with a smile as Sophie's eyes never left his. She finally broke the contact with her father and looked down at the Frame she was holding. The look was priceless as Sophie had tears in her eyes.

She immediately dropped the frame on her bed and hugged Gabby tightly as she cried into Gabby's chest.

"Thank you Gabby. I have always wanted baby sister. Thank you for giving me one. I promise to play with her every time. I promise to share my toys and my room with her. I promise to be a good big sister to her and i promise not to make her cry." Sophie said in tears as she cried harder in Gabby's chest.

"Its alright sweetie." Gabby said as she tried to calm the little girl. "I have no doubt you will be the best big sister ever." Gabby said.

Sophie pulled away from the hug and Gabby wiped the little girls tears with her right thumb.

"Don't i deserve a hug too?" Terrence teased and Sophie jumped into his lap and gave him a tight hug. "Thank you too Daddy." She said with a teary voice.

"I got you a shirt Sophie." Gabby said as she handed the shirt over to Sophie. It was a pink shirt with a world best big sister design in it.

"Terrence assisted Sophie in reading the words on the shirt and Sophie screamed excitedly.

"I want to wear the shirt to school tomorrow daddy. please." Sophie pleaded with a pout.

"No problem princess. But you don't have school tomorrow so you can wear it on Monday." Terrence said and Sophie nodded.

She jumped down from her fathers lap and reached for the frame. She smiled at it before giving it a very long kiss. Then she placed it on her night stand where she could see it everyday.

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