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   Chapter 6 Six

Connected by Heart By Symplyayisha Characters: 10498

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"Good morning Mr Tennon." Michelle, Sophie's 22 year old nanny greeted as soon as she saw Terrence descending from the stairs, all dressed up for work.

"Morning." Terrence reluctantly replied.

"Morning Daddy!" Sophie yelled as she continues to eat her breakfast on the dinning table.

"Should i serve you your breakfast now?" Michelle asked him politely.

"Thanks but i'm not hungry." He mumbled and Michelle nodded.

She noticed something is wrong with her Boss as he seemed to be off since yesterday. Even the dinner she made for him the previous night was left untouched in the refrigerator which left Michelle wondering what could be wrong.

Terrence took a seat on the couch close to the door and took his laptop to get some work done, using that to while away time as he waited for Sophie to finish her breakfast.

As soon as Sophie was done with her breakfast, Michelle helped her wash and dry her hands after which she helped Sophie in putting on her back pack.

"Bye Michelle. I'm going to miss you." Sophie said.

"Bye sweetheart. I will miss you too. Be good at school okay." She replied and Sophie nodded as she walked towards the door where her father was waiting for her.

Terrence walked out of the house with Sophia far behind him singing and dancing to one for favourite song. Frozen. The little girl happens to be so energetic this morning.

"Hurry Up and get into the damn car Sophia." Terrence yelled at Sophie who immediately got scared and sad at her dad's reaction.

She walked as fast as her tiny legs could carry her to the car. Terrence was already standing by the door of the back seat and immediately Sophia had settled down he buckled her seat belt and slammed the door afterwards before he proceeded to the drivers seat to start the car.

Little Sophia couldn't help but cry. Her dad refused to play with her yesterday when he came back from work and now he had behaved very unfair to her which hurt her.

Hearing soft muffles and hiccups, Terrence immediately regretted his actions. He didn't mean to act that way towards his daughter. The truth is that he hadn't been himself since his yesterday's encounter with Gabby. Like seriously, he just heard yesterday that he's going to be a father again and at the same time he isn't going to be a father again due to the probability that his baby might be aborted. Terrence could not even sleep last night as he kept on thinking of ways to convince Gabby into keeping the baby.

Suddenly he felt guilty of being a jerk towards his daughter and he really regretted his actions. As soon as they arrived at Sophie's school, Terrence got out of the drivers seat and went towards the passengers seat to open the door for Sophie. He unbuckled her seat belt and carried her as She continued to cry in his chest.

"I'm so sorry sweetheart. Please stop crying. It breaks my heart to see you cry." Terrence said with an heart broken voice as Sophie just cried harder into his chest.

Terrence ignored all the stares he was getting from other parents and their children as he walked towards a quite garden with Sophia in his arms. Thankfully, there

want us to be a family too." She replied and he pulled her into a hug.

"Thank you so much Gabby. You have no idea how happy i am." He said.

"Do your parents know about the baby?" He asked as they pulled away from the hug.

"Not yet. I will tell them after the ultra sound tomorrow." She said.

"Will you prefer to do that alone? I don't mind being there with you while you tell them." Terrence offered.

Gabby replied. "You don't have to worry Terrence. i will face them myself."

"And you? Will you be telling your Mom anytime soon." Gabby asked him.

"Should i? Honestly i have no problem announcing to the whole world that you are mine and you are expecting our baby." He replied as Gabby blushed.

"Lets not rush it Terrence. I would love it if we just keep the news between us for now. Just you and and our few friends that are aware."

"Few friends?" He asked with an eyebrow raised.

"The only friend i have is Ian and he still doesn't know about the baby. Well apart from my sister, Debbie." He said.

Gabby explained "I guess Ian knows already. Nikki might have told him."

Terrence asked surprised "You're friends with Nikki?"

"Yeah. Actually i ran into her yesterday. All thanks to her, she made me see reasons why i should keep the baby. I really needed someone to talk to and she really helped me. We became friends already before i even discovered she's married to Ian." Gabby said.

"I guess i owe Nikki a Thank you treat then." Terrence replied.

He asked "So i assumed you met Amber?"

"Yes, she's so adorable." She replied.

Terrence noticed that it was almost time for lunch so he asked Gabby "What do you want for lunch?"

Then she replied "I'm not really hungry. I will just grab some lemonade on my way back to my office."

"No way Gabriela. You have someone who now depends on you. Hungry or not you have to eat something. Even though its only little." Terrence persuaded and Gabby grumbled.

She eventually gave in and they both went out to her favourite restaurant to have lunch. It was just a 15mins drive away from the office.

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