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   Chapter 5 Five

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"Tell me its a lie Isabelle." Debbie said in disbelief.

She replied. "I wish I could Debbie. I just hope Gabby changes her mind. I don't blame her, everything is just so unexpected and I just hope she makes the right decision."

"If only my brother hadn't been an ass hole to her" Debbie grumbled which earned a chuckle from Isabelle.

Isabelle suggested "Perhaps, you should talk to Terrence. He might be able to convince Gabby to keep the baby. That's if he's sure the baby is his."

"Yeah, I will talk to him" Debbie replied sadly after which they both went back to work.

"Hi, Sis" Terrence greeted as he took a seat opposite his sister. Debbie had called him earlier on, requesting to see him at the coffee shop opposite his office by 3 pm.

"So, what's up with this sudden meeting?" He asked.

"What's going on with You and Gabby? I don't understand Terry."

"Here we go again" he muttered.

"Nothing Debbie. It's just that we have not been on good terms since the whole incident happened at my house"

"Did you guys do anything that night?" Debbie whispered. It took a while for Terrence to respond, He affirmed with a positive nod.

They were silent for a while before Debbie spoke. "She's pregnant Terrence." Terrence was shocked.

"How did you know?"

"I bumped into her this morning at the hospital. Luckily, she came to see Isabelle who happens to be my best friend. You remember Isabelle right?" Terrence nodded.

"I got the information from Isabelle. Her blood test says she's six weeks pregnant. I did the calculation back to the time I saw her at your place and presumed the pregnancy is yours. But now that you have confirmed that something did happen between you two, no doubt you are the Father of the child she's carrying."

"The problem is that Gabby opted for an abortion"

"What the Hell!" Terrence freaked out.

"Take it easy Terry. Look, it is normal for Gabby to feel that way. She found out she was pregnant just this morning. It was very unexpected for her and with the whole misunderstanding going on between you two, I guess she thought it was the best thing to do." Debbie reasoned.

"Isabelle said she hopes Gabby changes her mind about the abortion and I hope she does which is why I've come to talk to you. You need to talk to her Terrence. Make her see the reason why she needs to keep this baby. Besides, its high time; the two of you should grow up and settle your differences. I know you still love her very much and I believe she feels the same way about you. I see this baby as a miracle, a bundle of joy that has come to reunite you two. Do you even know how Sophie will react when she hears that she'll be having a younger sibling?" Terrence smiled at her last sentence. 'No doubt Sophie will be so happy.'

"Just talk to her Terrence and I'm trusting you to act mature on this. Don't make matters worse; I already know Gabby is stubborn but try not to lose your temper." Debbie warned as she glared at her brother.

"I will Debbie, thank you so much for everything." He hugged her.

"Anything for you baby brother and congratulations! Debbie grinned.

"Thanks" Terrence mumbled scratching the back of his head which earned a chuckle from Debbie.

"I think you should start getting used to that hon. you are almost a father of two" She teased.

"Come in" Gabby replied to the knock on her office door before Terrence entered.

"Heyy!" He greeted.

"Hi" Gabby replied. She stopped typing on her laptop to focus on why he was here to see her.

Terrence ran his fingers through his hair; he was nervous as he had no idea how to begin the conversation.

"I know about it, Gabriela"

"About what?" She asked confused.

"About the baby."

"H-how d--di--d y...." Terrence cut her off.

"Debbie told me, she said she saw you this morning at the hospital; she works there and Isabelle happens to be her best friend." Gabby nodded as the processed the information.

"Its mine isn't it?" He asked, giving her that 'Be sincere with me look.' Gabby nodded positively, looking everywhere else except him.

"So what next?" Terrence asked. He was ready to listen to whatever she had to say.

"I'm still thinking, but there's a probability I won't be keeping it so you have nothing to worry about."

"I won't let you opt for an abortion Gabby, not whiles I'm alive"

She challenged "And why not?"

"Gabby you have a life in you already; you are carrying our child, He or she deserves to be brought into this world." Terrence whisper yelled.

"The last time I checked, the baby is growing inside me; It is my body and I believe I can do whatever I want." Gabby reminded.

"Have you also forgotten that it takes two to make a child? I'm the father and I believe I have a say in this."

" There's no need for us arguing any further about this; I've made up my mind."

"You wouldn't dare Gabriela!" Terrence was getting angry.

"Please just don't do anything stupid. I promise to be with you in every step of the way, I promise to take very good care of you and the baby; I will do anything you want me to do. Please don't harm our child Gabby I won't be able to live with myself if you do. Please reconsider your decision." Terrence pleaded as held back tears.

"I'll think about it" Gabby whispered. She walked t

owards her window and looked outside into the streets of London. She had already decided she would not be keeping the baby and She did not plan to tell Terrence about it. Gabriella was ready to go back to Isabelle the following day for her to recommend someone for the abortion. But now that Terrence had spoken to her, she was already having doubts.

To be honest, Gabriela is just scared that she wouldn't be a good mother and childbirth scared the hell out of her. To top it all, she does not think she's ready for motherhood.

Terrence broke the silence "I hope you change your mind Gabby; Just please don't do anything stupid." He walked out of her office.

Gabriela tried going back to work but she found it very hard to concentrate. Everything went by a blur and her closing hour came quickly. She decided she needed space and some time to think so she drove to the park.

Gabby took a seat on one of the empty bench and watched the kids played with their guardians. It looked as if she was watching them but her mind was far away until someone brought her back from her dreamland.

"Hi. Do you mind?" The voice said. Gabby looked up to see a very beautiful lady with a baby on her right hand and a diaper bag on the other hand.

"Sure!" The lady took a seat beside her and Gabby could not help but admire the little girl that was now seated on the lady's lap.

"I'm Nikki." She extended her hand to Gabby.

"I'm Gabriela but you can call me Gabby." She smiled.

"You have an adorable daughter." Gabby played with the baby's chubby cheeks which made her smile, showing off her two front teeth.

"I think she likes you." Nikki cooed.

"May I?" Gabby asked for permission to carry her baby.

"Sure, " Nikki passed on her baby to Gabby.

"She's Amber and she will be 7 months in a few days"

"Did you bring someone or you came alone?" Nikki asked.

I came alone, I drove here straight away from work." Gabby replied.

Nikki smiled as she watched Gabby play with Amber; Amber was not a person that gets acquainted with strangers, fortunately, Gabby seemed to win over the little girl's heart.

"You are natural with her. Do you have one already?" She asked.

Gabby smiled "Not yet."

"I have no doubt you'll be a great mother when you have yours."

"Maybe, " Gabby mumbled, she gave Nikki a sad smile.

"Is there anything you want to share?" Nikki asked Gabby who looked away.

Gabby was not a type of person that had friends; her only friend betrayed her with her ex. Since then, She has been everybody's friend; she had no close or best friend.

"You can trust me Gabby" Nikki assured.

Gabby told her everything.

"The both of you sound so much in love but you guys are just confused as to where to start from. Don't see abortion as an option Gabby, I was once in your shoes. I remember not being ready to become a mother when I got pregnant with amber. But when I wake up every morning and look at my pretty girl, I do thank my stars that I made the right decision. The trauma that comes with abortion is something you will forever blame yourself for as long as you live so think well before you opt for it."

"Don't be scared, I'm sure he will be with you in every step of the way as he promised. I won't lie, the childbearing will be painful but as soon as you hold your little one in your arms you wouldn't mind going through the process a hundred times."

"Thanks, Nikki, I needed this."

"You're welcome. I also believe this baby will not only bring you two closer but also bring you guys back to your senses to realise that you guys have to give each other a chance." They burst into laughter.

Nikki and Gabby talked more, they exchanged numbers and followed each other on their social media platforms. Gabby was feeding Amber her milk when Nikki began to show her some pictures on her phone.

"Here's my husband."

"OMG! You are married to Ian?" Nikki nodded before the realisation hit her "You know him?"

"Umm Ian and I work in the same company"

"Everything makes sense now. You are the Gabriela that Terrence has been crazy for." Gabby blushed.

Since Ian was Terrence's best friend and Nikki happens to be Ian's Wife. No doubt Ian would have told Nikki a little about Terrence's love life.

Nikki asked Gabby "So what do you think about Sophie?"

"She's adorable, I like her."

"Has Terrence told you about Sophie's mom?"


The two friends talked a bit more before they decided to take their leave. Gabby felt so much better after opening up to Nikki.

As soon as Gabriela got home she had dinner with her parents, took a shower and changed into her comfy nightwear.

Gabby was flipping through the magazine Isabella gave her earlier today when she thought of texting Nikki.

"Thanks so much for today. I needed someone to talk to."

Nikki replied "Thank you too. Amber and I had fun spending our evening with you."

Gabby smiled and replied. "I miss her already. give her a kiss for me. Goodnight."

"I will and make sure you make the right decision so Amber will have a playmate in a few months. Goodnight." Nikki.

Gabriela smiled as she read Nikki's reply. Before she went to bed, Gabby prayed to God for not only the grace to make the right decision but also for the strength to do the right thing.

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